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  1. My character is a geneticist trained in Brazil, who went to the United States to get their dream job . She is expert in the plants of the Amazon and microbioly, before the apocalypse was part of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) , where they already knew of the existence of the deadly virus and were trying as hard as possible to discover a cure and keep the information in safe, for the people don't know and for the people not to panic, until the virus began to spread and she decided to leave the country to go where the virus began to spread to collect more data, it is a ship towards Chernarus.Arriving in Chernarus, the ship begins to sink and she can quickly go to a lifeboat with a stranger who ended up fainting before reaching the coast, as she noticed that the virus had already spread, she went in search of food and supplements, but when he returned, the other survivor who was fainted in the boat was no longer there.When she start walk in Chernarus, she see that its to late, the virus was already spread all over the world and as one of the few people with a vast knowledge on the subject, it will be one of those who will strive to keep people healthy and prevent the rest of the population from becoming contaminated. Knowing how the virus acts and its peculiarities, now it looks for a cure trying to find itself associating to the plants, since it had a great knowledge in the area of the botany when working with plants of the Amazon. So she works a lot with plants, bacteria, viruses, fungi and she loves what she does. She wants to bring life back to Chernarus and who knows the world, saving the people and all the lives of the ecosystem. She is a lovely and nice woman, but do not abuse her, she can be very strong and handle many things. She will have to take risks and enter dense forests to get rare plant seeds and, more importantly, survive hunger, thirst, diseases, people infected by the virus and especially enemies, even without knowing virtually nothing of the city of Chernarus, she will have to fight hard to achieve their goals.
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