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  1. Hey theres another Caleb McCarthy here.. http://www.dayzrp.com/User-funnyfacegaming Welp. Time to pick a new name!
  2. Welcome to the site! I am new as well and just got whitelisted. Good luck with your application and I hope to see you ingame!
  3. Welcome man! I am brand new myself, as I just got whitelisted this morning. Don't worry, the application process goes by very quickly. Hope to see you ingame!
  4. I definitely would not just kill everyone I saw because that's a little too brutal, but then again you have to be careful. Honestly, I would just be overly cautious and try to avoid any interaction apart from the people I started out with. I think I would stay in the shadows and go around other people, I might acknowledge them, but I would not stay long. If I was looking out for my own safety as well as the safety of those in my group, I would have to have my guard up at all times. Just my mindset.
  5. CheeseiestGamer

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year from a Newbie everyone! Hope 2014 treats you all well!
  6. Really? Well I really, really like that name, so if I am able to use it I hope we don't get confused. I can spell it different or change the last name if needed. Yeah, I just thought it was a good beginning story, but then again I watch way too many movies Thanks!
  7. Haha, thanks for the reply! That's not a bad idea. I'll post my backstory now. I'll be sure to look at your links too, thank you! After reading the "General tips to make a better whitelist application" I see now I already went super taboo on the backstory... Darn. Should've known better.
  8. Thanks for the reply, glad to see there are friendly, helpful people! I'll check out the links and keep you in mind if I need anything. I appreciate it!
  9. I just joined and just thought I'd give a quick greeting to everyone. Hello! Here is my basic backstory I came up with. Feel free to share thoughts and criticism! Caleb 'One Shot' McCarthy: Caleb McCarthy was born and grew up in San Diego, California in the United States. He did not have a long history of relatives in the military, but regardless chose that path for himself. Right out of high school he joined the United States Marine Corps and had hopes of rising up the ladder. After being tested in various skills and undergoing rigorous training he decided he wanted to try his hand as a sniper. Of course this was not going to be an easy task, but Caleb had always been the kind of person to keep trying and never stop. Eventually he met the requirements to be a United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper and all he had to do was undergo sniper training. It was in this training that he acquired the nickname "One Shot" because everyone always said it only took him one shot to hit his mark. As time went on he was recruited into a Special Operations branch of the Marine Corps where he would be sent out to complete missions that no one else even knew about. While he was a part of a squad, he was more of a lone wolf and preferred to work on his own, which worked out alright because most of the time he was sent on one man missions. When it came down to it, it was either he completed his contract or he did not come back because of the risk to the United States Government. He never failed a contract, until one day he was sent to assassinate a target in the Middle East, but he questioned his orders. He did not understand why he was supposed to kill this man because he had done nothing wrong. It turned out it was an enemy of one of the high ranking officers in the military who had information linking this official to unsanctioned and illegal acts. Once Caleb became aware of this information, the official tried to have Caleb killed,which he thought he had done, thus causing him to flee the country. After staying off the radar for a few years Caleb ended up in Russia and started a new life. This was about the time of the zombie outbreak, which threw Caleb straight back into survival mode. It was fight or die. I have now been officially whitelisted! Look forward to seeing you all on the server!