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  1. ndriks Glazkov is an architect born in Brazil. Andriks is the son of a Russian Soldier with a Brazilian Journalist. From a young age he was taught by his parents how to handle various situations, being the son of parents of different nationalities he learned cultural differences, languages and great political influence. His mother was a Brazilian journalist engaged in social politics, his father was a Russian soldier linked to the elite group of the Russian army, the Spetsnaz. Andriks always dreamed of being an architect, with the influence of his mother did several social works around the world, receiving awards and greatness. When Chernarus began to emerge after the civil war, Andriks carried out several social projects in the country, being one of the main architects responsible for the works in the cities. With the influence of his father, Andriks always had connection with the Russian army and obtained the Russian nationality to realize works for the Russian army as well. With the war between the two countries, Andriks was devastated by the events because he had been the one who built many of the buildings of the sites that were now threatened and abandoned and was ready to work on Russian buildings in that area. Heartbroken, Andriks remained neutral during the acts that took place in Chernarus. With the several days of war that were formed, Andriks decided to leave the region, he decided to embark on a cruise called Costa Risacca that would travel the world so that he could rest and keep in peace with his thoughts politicized and that at that moment were stunned because of the war. On the 21st, Andriks was resting on the Costa Risacca when suddenly the ship was hit by a furious storm, with the storm the ship sank and Andriks clung firmly to one of the remaining lifeboats. He survived the wreck along with another survivor in his boat, after noticing what had happened, he collapsed without even being able to utter a word. Andriks woke up on the coast of the waters of Chernarussia, the survivor who was by his side when sinking the ship was no longer there. Andriks then took all his strength left to seek help, shelter and information because at that moment he had nothing left. With his knowledge of the region after having done several works there, he began his journey of survival using the principles taught by Spetsnaz and passed on to him by his father.
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