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  1. Marius Lekavicius was just trying to do the right thing... at the wrong time. Musician and social activist, Marius was forever changed by an important event that happened in his childhood. When he was 5, his parents took him to a protest at the TV tower in his home city of Vilinus, Lithuania. On that fateful night, Soviet soldiers forcefully seized the tower without any regard for the protesters' safety. Lithuania might've become free, but Marius had seen death that day, and his mother was severely injured, leaving her in a wheelchair. Marius grew up with a passion for journalism and music. He believed in the power that music had to convey ideas and sway aggression. He was trying to start a career in journalism in 2017 when he heard about how martial law was recently declared in a country previously unknown to him. It reminded him of the Soviet aggression in his own home country. Thinking about how it could be his big break, Marius convinced a pilot friend of his to fly him to Chernarus. Once he landed however, he could feel that something was up. Something that would make a good story. Something that, unbeknownst to Marius, may be a bit more that he can handle.
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