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  1. While I don't know the entirety of this specific instance, I believe the separation of IC and OOC statements need to be just that. As long as something said OOC doesn't involve a true and immediate form of harassment, harm or the like... leave it alone. We are each entitled to our own opinions and thoughts not to mention being able to vent freely. Punishing someone for something said OOC that doesn't amount to a squat of beans ICly or wouldn't be construed as some sort of act of violence IRl is down right silly. Having said all that, IF you are acting in some sort of official capacity and commit the same act that goes down a whole other route.
  2. Kilwrathy


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: At no time did I insult anyone or incite anger with malicious intent, I literally asked a question regarding to a post placed in a Rp server forum asking where the Rp was. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As found within the link a definition of "Flaming". https://techterms.com/definition/flaming What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points issued. What could you have done better?: Perhaps have worded the question differently. Explaining that when I found the post I found it odd that a video mostly of Pvp would be on a Rp forum.
  3. Interesting comment, and I plan to since this is the first time I've had a chance since joining.
  4. Nope not an alt account just new to the server. Coming from a host of other Rp communities from various games, I like to know what I'm diving into...
  6. Kilwrathy

    Mak's uncool clips

    Some pretty decent clips, I'd have to admit...that car shot.... noice! At the end though...it was mostly PvP footage...where was the RP before all hell broke loose?
  7. Kilwrathy

    False Report?

    So, if I have read everything correctly so far a punch was thrown and connected with the victim where as the victim immediately gunned the person down after. I don't know the person who threw the punch nor the person who opened fire. We don't know all the circumstances behind the indecent so it's possible we are missing some important information. However, at first glance this seems highly irregular. I've been in many communities and a lot of those are RP related. So i'm not new to the normal rules but the outcome so far has me wondering. Why did the "gunman" as we will call them for now, think he was justified in killing the attacker? Were they that fearful of their life that this excessive action had to be taken? Probably not unless they were outmanned, outgunned or cornered. Which it just seems at this point the "gunman" had their pride hurt and needed retribution for and in doing so tossed RP out the window. To me the gunman was in the wrong, yes he got hurt and or took damage but it was not life threatening and did not need a heightened response. He could have...RP'd it out. Now, moving on to the false report. Like I've said above unless we are missing some critical info this was a bad judgment call. The "gunman" was in the wrong for exceeding the level needed to protect themselves, moreover they chose pvp over rp and imo if you want that... go elsewhere. The report is justified if filed on the original attackers behalf. If you need an example, a police officer cannot fire upon an assailant if they only punched them once.... if they did they would suspended and under investigation if not put in cuffs. I sincerely hope things are rectified or more hard evidence is brought forth, because things like this do not bode well for new incoming players or the longevity of the server.
  8. Born in the early 90's, his mother a Belarussian and his father a Russian grew up in Belarus. Konstintine's early childhood was somewhat normal except the family lived near a Russian military base where his father served. Just before the revolution in Chernarus, his mother, brother and sister moved to America seeking safety after his mother and father had been having heated arguments about the upcoming upheaval. They watched the events unfold on the TV. Years gone by, Konstintine was a striking young man. Physically fit and athletic he used these traits to attain a scholarship. Having attended a University in America and obtaining a degree in science and medicine his future held high hopes. Shortly after graduation His mother received word that his father had been involved in an accident and was killed. Upon hearing this, Konstintine heads back to the base where his father was killed to take care of the burial and other family matters. It's during this time where he phones his mother explaining to her that he wouldn't be coming back and had joined the military in his fathers stead. They argue over this repeatedly but his mind had been set, something had changed and his mother was weary of it. Communication between the two had all but stopped as he had not spoken to anyone during this time frame. Days before the outbreak his mother received and urgent call from him telling her he would be coming home to see them. Hastily he takes a flight back to America to see his family and within the week news spread about an epidemic racing across western Europe. Still recovering from jet lag Konstintine decided to take a nap, what happened next will always haunt him for the rest of his life. He's abruptly woken up to gun fire and sirens, he gets up and begins looking around. Trying to turn on the lights he notices that the power must be out which must explain whats going on outside. He finds the rest of the family sitting in the living room their faces distraught and in utter disbelief. His mother is peeking out the window through the shades as flashes of bright light mixed in with blue and red pierce through the cracks. As he shuffles through the dark over to them a loud high pitched whine can be heard becoming louder with every second. They all look up to the ceiling as a thundering crash and falling debris throws everyone in the house to the ground. The next thing he knows he is slowly regaining consciousness as he opens his eyes and can begin to hear again. Sound returns to him only to reveal screams of agony, yelling and crying. To his dismay, his mother had been thrown out into the yard, his brother and sister trapped under what appears to be a large oval shaped engine. He himself was caught under something metal but he was unable to move to get to them. Explosions going off around them fire was creeping towards them making their predicament even more dire. A shriek from the yard distracts him and he turns his head to see his mother crawling along the ground away from a shadowy figure. He struggles to move but cannot pry himself free, turning back to his mother the figure stands over the top of her. Konstintine yells but to no avail, the figure pushes her over as it begins to claw, tear, and rip into to her as she screams for her life. Helpless to act Konstinine struggles even more constantly peering back up to his family. The fire now engulfs most of the once be house casting flickering shadows upon the burning wreck and other debris. A searing pain begins to push his left side, up his leg to his waist and then to his back. As he jostles to stop a smoldering fire that's slowly encroaching on him, he hears two more cries for help just across from him. He looks up to see his sister and brother being engulfed in flames, both twisting and turning to get free of whats pinning them down. Konstintine reaches down his side trying to pat the fire out on himself as he periodically looks back up to his siblings. Unable to put the fire out on his back he reaches behind his neck and rips his shirt off of him to help aid in stopping the fire on him. The heat, pain and shock slowly over come him as his vison fades from orange and red to darkness. The last few moments he can hear his brother and sister let out their finally pleas for help as he succumbs to unconsciousness.....
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