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  1. trying to find my son You were a sole survivor of a major life-threatening event. Maybe your village or city was attacked by some great evil, or maybe you were tricked by some greater power. No matter the details, everyone other than you died, and you survived. Where were you when it happened? What age? Were you a small child, or a young adult? What attacked you? Was it one thing, or a group? What effect did this have on you? Were you traumatized, or were you strengthened by it? Did you run away, or did you fight it? Are there any remnants you kept or anything left, or was it all destroyed? Whatever the case may be, you walk on, carrying the weight of those who died. You might even be able to "hear" the voices of the people who died. They might be angry with you, or they might be forgiving. Maybe you lost a loved one or a childhood sweetheart, and maybe they also survived, or maybe they died. If they died, have they forgiven you? If they lived, do you seek to find them and them you? Regardless, you carry on without anyone but your memories of the ones you'd lost. You are a survivor; the lone survivor.
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