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  1. Team Name: Red Thunder Gaming Player 1: @Eciek Player 2: @Jetsom Backup gamer (If 1 of the above doesn't make it): @Armella
  2. Numenor's POV The Video titled : No Int, Near Sitnik is mine. Point of View To be honest, there isn't much to add. Jetsom nailed the beginning and end of our journey away from the base and into Sitnik. After engaging in some good RP, we decide to depart; but alas, 2 of our member's had game crashes and they were unable to get back in-game because of the server being full. Halfway to base, I notice an individual running across the field toward us. I alert everyone and you also hear @theHOLYtruth counting them out. After Henderson gets shot at, as seen in my video you see @VinegarStrokes trying to maintain control of the situation and attempting to figure out the miscommunication. From there, I shoot one and am then killed myself. The situation was quite confusing.
  3. @Inferno My POV is the "No Int, Near Sitnik" video. Do you still require me to drop a narrative?
  4. After having spoken with @Marik about the situation then I feel both parties could have made more effort in roleplaying with each other. Given that he has under 100 hours on DayzRP and quite new to the server we will not be pushing for combat logging. I would like to ask the admin to close the report
  5. According to my men inside nobody present actually noticed this chat, I understand his frustration now with it as well. - We had gagged him during the firefight could this have effected the VOIP range? Or was he on whisper? There was also an active firefight present at that situation which took some focus from us as well and surely added to the ambience and area. I'd also like to ask why is my chat logs not being shown? I did type "//You guys should ask him to come back if he is you're friend" into the chat @Rover
  6. Server and location: S1, Livonia. Corp Prefab ATC Tower( Section 20 Section) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-03-20 6:30 Your in game name: Eciek Numenor Names of allies involved: @Jetsom @DewShineX1 @theHOLYtruthand more i cant recall at this time Name of suspect/s: unknown, wouldn't give us a name. Other Hostages also in the compound. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I can send it to the staff member that responds, file size is over 1mb. A picture of the gentleman in question that "disappeared" Detailed description of the events: After abducting and detaining several individuals for questioning in Sitnik, we find ourselves under attack after we have successfully returned to base. We take all hostages to the highest point of the Tower before resuming questioning. While we are under attack I personally do my best to "entertain" all hostages involved even though we are in a active firefight. I administer food, water and medicine to everyone involved. Hostages were temporarily gagged for a period not extending 10m as everyone in our building was talking and communications were cluttered. I'd like to add that even though hostages were temporarily gagged, it was explained to them that it would only last until we had killed the people attacking us. At no moment in time were any of the hostages involved subjected to (BADRP, or otherwise ignored). I believe that all my fellow soldiers including me did everything in our power to keep everyone involved in the RP even though we were trying to not only defend ourselves, but the hostages as well. The gentleman in question abruptly leaves while in a hostage situation and is currently "sleep" inside of our base. This is incredibly uncomfortable and i have sat in Help Desk for about 20m to see if it can be helped tonight. At no point did the individual in question " //OOC" us to let us know he had an emergency or otherwise extenuating circumstance. If he had simply done that we could have been accommodating towards his time. I believe i typed "// If that guys is you're friend tell him he should come back" as a timestamp. The gentleman in question also gave us a rough time getting back to base as despite not suffering any injuries at all he was "limping" ( i believe he set himself to the "damaged" state) possibly knocked himself unconscious (i administered saline to him) one time and generally being a real pain and ruining our RP and immersion and subjecting the lives of the brave men and women who were trying to transport him in hostile territory. Thankyou
  7. After i initiated on you, you ran back inside the house you were in and went prone because i started to fire my shotgun at you for not complying and @Faebloom said she would start throwing gernades inside the house. You blatant combat logged in front of us and then went on to inform your're compatriots about what was going on, please do not lie here.
  8. Eciek

    Żelazny Jeleń

    Proud of you, cant wait to see this in its Final Form homie.
  9. While I can certainly understand and appreciate that the player who committed this rulebreak is new, metagaming and combat logging are two of the most clear-cut rules there are to break. The person in question not only admitted to logging out after being initiated on they decided to pass on information regarding it and then probably because someone realized they fucked up coached them to delete there messages or worse yet an admin of that discord was complicit in this action and deleted it for them. After talking it over with my group we will not be dropping this report.
  10. Server and location: S2 Livonia, Soup Kitchen Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): I believe 8:30 ish UTC 2020-03-17 Your in game name: Eciek Numenor Names of allies involved: Corp/ Section 20 Name of suspect/s: Unknown Female Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I can send it to an admin, the picture is over the size limit. Detailed description of the events: While Raiding Soup Kitchen, A woman is observed to be watching us from the safety of the house. Immediately she is told by myself, and i believe another corp member to put her hands up or die. She continues to not comply, before retreating further into the house. I open fire in an attempt to bring her down for not complying and jeopardizing the operation. She goes prone next to a cabinet before sitting up to combat log, I am unable to catch a picture of her visible inside the house as none of us suspected her to combat log. Following us witnessing her "disappearance" we continue to raid the base before leaving the area. i would like to add @Will placed a //timestamp of her "combat logging" Later on upon raiding another enemy of the Corp, we were ambushed. I believe that as a result of her combat logging she warned our enemies and told them to be on guard, subsequently leading to our deaths.
  11. Numenor's POV: While organizing storage inside of the base, I hear @God walk up to the door asking if anyone is home for him to deliver soup. Believing this to be very weird, @Jetsom accompanies me to the roof from where we spend a good 5 minutes talking to @God. We leave @God outside waiting, as we notice @Masonn climbing up our ladder behind us and casually stand next to me and @Jetsom trying to blend in. Upon noticing said ruse, I Initiate on @Masonn and with the help of @Jetsom we bring him into our base. We spend some time talking to @Masonn as we tried to get him to admit that he was in fact who we believed him to be (Noah Russo). @Jetsom gave him multiple instructions such as ("don't look at me, look at the wall" raising his voice on multiple occasions, etc) that he did not adhere too. In his mind, I guess he believes it is normal for him to be mouthy to his hostage-takers. While this is being done I return to the roof to see @God climbing up our ladder (still using the ruse of delivering soup, even though none of us asked for it), I initiate on @God bringing him into the compound from the roof and into the same room as @Masonn As seen in the video I am actively talking to @God trying to attain the frequency of "Soup Kitchen" to pass along to my Lt for business. As I am talking to @God, @Atrix17 runs up the stairs and says " what's up boys" before shooting my friend @Nugunz in the neck area (Illustrated in the video at around 3:30). I take the threat down as this gentleman @Atrix17 must be crazy to run into a room with 5 armed men holding his friend hostage. @Atrix17 sealed his fate and his friend's fate with him trying to attempt a rescue operation. We were well within our rights to kill both.
  12. He put his hands up within the second that I received the radio message from my Corporal that it was 503; he had for my liking already taken too much time to comply and I felt like it was a stall. @Conor
  13. @Conor I told him several times to put his hands up, when he finally did put his hands up i had already had radio confirmation from my Corporal @IrishRepublican that they were 503.
  14. @HeartlssHeretic we are literally 45m removed from raiding the 5.0.3 base, this is not a estimation this is fact. Immediately following this raid, youre telling me "traders" are showing up to our base? that is not something we believed IC or OOC. You could be anything else in the world but the odds of you actually being "traders" at that point of time was bullshit and we weren't buying it. Are you implying that my character cannot be skeptical because of recent events and not believe a word you were saying? DO you HONESTLY believe we actually thought you guys were coming to our base to trade after what we did?
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