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  1. To whom it may concern. My name is Aeg Navarro. I enlisted in the army after high school. Age 18.I wanted to go to university but my family couldn't afford it, but there's really nothing wrong with that. Ever since I was a boy I would flip through pages explaining the history of weapons and warfare. World War 2 had my interest the most as it was so vast and horrific. I didn't really mind serving my country. I made it through basic training fine. Learned a lot and felt stronger. Even got a nickname “Rash”, because Im irritating to my group. It didn't bug me. After a year of sitting around waiting for something to happen, well something did. July 17th. I was being deployed to some place called Chernarus. To us in the barracks, the rumor was it just had a basic plague epidemic, nothing to serious. We could trust the news. Never could. But by god when we got there. Chaos. It was hard for us to understand what was going on. It was hard to understand the infected. 2 days later we're losing to the dead. Not even soldiers. Nothing they trained us for. They couldn't even shoot back. Amidst the infected pushing us in was the populations riots, blaming us and there government for not helping, but what could we do. We were forced to retreat. But I did more than retreat. I ran, i ran so deep into the woods I could hear the constant gunfire that had been ringing in my ears. I ended up deep in the woods, familiar to the ones back home in Colorado. I ventured back to the city we were stationed at “Chernogorsk” to find it quiet. I had no clue where my platoon went or if they survived. I blame myself for the mess I got myself into. Couple of days later a storm a long storm. I managed to survive by finding rock cliffs to hide under and rationing the last MRE i had in my bag. At night I would hear growns and the mumbles of the dead. I knew if i were to survive this mess I had to play my cards right. And that what I did, I used what I knew about survival to stay alive. I familiarized myself with the lands. Met people. Killed People. Had friends die. Built homes. Burnt down homes. I've felt the pain and suffering and have wanted to end it. Yet I still push myself to survive. It takes a toll. Im not how I used to. If I had the choice I would have never ran. It's hard for me to trust. And I don't want to make significant relationships. Caring is weakness. As of right now I write this note to remind myself who I really am. Because if i forget, I really will become nothing. It's been 642 days since the outbreak, as survivors have been referring to time. But really to me it means nothing. This is my life now. And I intend to survive it. Rash
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