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  1. I am planning to play a character named Ivan Rezinov, a 19 year old young man. He's searching for his father, Sergei Ivanovich. His father spent a long time in prison and after the outbreak they traveled together for a time. He's short, effeminate, kinda gay, and very, VERY pretty. He takes pride in his prettyness, even if his father doesn't like it. He's excitable and antsy and enjoys a nice drink and whatever drug he can get his hands on. Unlike his father, he's not exactly disciplined, more free spirited and idiotic at times Before he was with his father, he was traveling alone with his mother, Brenda, for years. He used himself as bait many times, allowing how pretty he is to lure men, women, whatever was there, in so that they could have their things, and potentially their lives, taken. It depends on how they react. While he doesn't WANT to hurt anyone, he's not against the idea of it either. He's relatively trained in the ways of medic work, he can patch up wounds, pour some vodka on it and stitch you up if need be, and usually has some sort of burn ointment on him at most times.
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