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  1. His name is jack evergreen. A sixteen year old boy who wanted nothing more but peace on earth, His life consisted of being bullied at school. He had good in his life as well, his mother. Samantha Evergreen. She was the good part of his life. He had no friends growing up. NONE at all. He was different, in a good way though. He joined his high schools film class hoping to meet some friends. He did. Jack and his friends began to research a country known as chernarus. The friends wanted to film their first horror movie there They contacted the school officials, who decided to vote where the film class field trip would be going to. Chernarus was picked as number one. About a month later, the class boarded the airplane to chernarus. Life seemed good for jack. Him and his friends spent days on chernaruses beaches relaxing, and playing games. That was until the third week into their field trip... A pounding awoke them from inside their hotel room. Jacks friend Mike decided to open the door. the man pounding on the door grabbed mike and bit him on the shoulder. Jack ran out the door while the man wasn't looking. Jack turned the corner to see more people, they looked sick and angry... Jack was able to find a hiding spot in an open rooms closet. For the next 2 days, jack was stuck in that hotel. it wasn't until the second day that he knew what really happened to chernarus.
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