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  1. The Bison and the Bear Entry 7 I am not worth anyone’s efforts. Soon my eyes and limbs will fail me, and if I do not perish within the melancholic company of these broken watchers, I will die a miserable, lonely sickness. I am old, I am spent. My family has long since expelled me, fearing the affliction, and I blame them not. A band of marauders attacked us while holding up inside a fire station, they took some of us hostage but me, Pheonix and Jordan managed to hold the line deeper in the station. It was over quickly, I killed two bandits before falling after being shot throughout my chest with a LAR. Jordan managed to kill the rest and some mysterious man within the bandits turned on them and got the leaders out. We won, I had officially killed for these people. I woke to being treated by Lily and Ryan. A strange feeling, knowing you’ve been shot, but barely feeling it. I felt feeble and tired, and as if my insides had an uncomfortable blistering weight within them. Horrified, I discovered Ana’s old plush bear in my bag, riddled with bullets, I felt a piece of her had died, and it was my fault. I sat there, alone and broken in a blissful recollection of the past I cried. I had killed my daughter, for the first time in years, I felt pain, and I abhor it. In my blind ravenous rage in battle, I lost more than I ever thought I could. The wounded bison charges towards the wolves, sparing the herd.
  2. Inspired by a certain Bulgarian? Can't wait to read more
  3. Loyalty Entry 6 Things have changed, our Alliance, the Wolf Pack were attacked by the slavers last night, they have fled south to Cherno and now our leaders have decided to go with them, Nate is refusing to leave, he doesn’t want to run, neither do I. Ill still go where Ryan goes, I guess I’ve become loyal to the man, he’s treated me well. I know he loves the leader of the Wolf Pack, Phoenix is her name. I hope he isn’t putting our group in harm's way for this woman, love makes even the boldest man blind. I stayed back a few hours at the camp with Nate and Lily, Matt’s girlfriend. But this morning we began our little expedition south to the rest of the group. I feel bad for Nate, he used to lead this group, he’s a fighter and a good man, Ryan is fat, lazy, young and horny, and somehow he took the lead. The lot of them keep mentioning an old friend named Butcher? Butch?, Ryan had told me that he died, but Nate has told me that Matt actually killed him, I don’t understand the context of the killing, and it’s not my place to pry so for now, I’ll continue being their gunman, and they will continue giving me a home. Right now Lily and I are camping in an old house, waiting out a storm. We did a lot of talking, I ended up telling her about my leprosy, and my family. I don’t know why, but I think I just didn’t want this little girl to be afraid of me. She looks a bit like my daughter, same eyes and hair. She’s a sweet girl, she told me how she lost her father and her life before the outbreak. I find myself gravitating towards protecting her, and I’ll do just that. I know I’m not her father, but maybe I can find redemption through her.
  4. The castle Entry 5 "Watch Castle" "North" "Main Tower" The inner fortress has been re-fortified, but the outer wall is still stone ruins. The Main tower of the inner fort is where the loot is stored and where the main members of the Watch sleep. "Tower" "Entrance" "Tents"
  5. Family and Home Entry 4 This place is great, a real home. I'm already making friends, Julio a Spanish weed dealer and Nate who I originally wanted to punch in the face, but is now growing on me. I returned early in the morning with a bunch of nails which they requested in order to build their home, I also brought them some weapons and general supplies. They were overjoyed at the nails that I brought and their leader, Matt gave me my interview. Its hard trying to summarise everything that happened since its been a few days now, but ill do my best: Our group was called to defend one of their alliance bases, which turns out to be the base from Novaya, the group that was attacked the other day was supposedly coming back. The orange armbands were called the time and were slavers. We left our alliance with the Novaya group to remain peaceful with the Slavers and to prevent a war. Our group joined a new Alliance who was also neutral called the Wolf Pack. Nate had been shot and needed surgery, we did this at the Wolf Pack base, as Montgomery Moon’s doctor was MIA. I got into a fight with Bobby, who I paid to tell people I won. People call me Ghoul now, I didn’t like it at first, but I’ve got to admit, it's growing on me I got a new Helmet, a rusted Welding mask, makes me look intimidating yet mysterious, also does a great job at hiding my face
  6. War Entry 3 When I woke yesterday morning I made my way east, well, northeast. I followed a set of train tracks through the depths of a forest, figured It would have to take me to a town soon enough right? wrong. By nightfall, I was hungry, cold and still in the middle of the damn forest. I managed to scavenge some mushrooms and even killed a rabbit that ran past, impressive shot if I do say so myself. Made a fire and tried to keep myself from freezing, I felt exposed and vulnerable out in the open with a fucking beacon, but I had no choice, at least a bandit’s bullet would be quicker than freezing. Thankfully I survived until daybreak, though I got little sleep. I kept on drifting down the tracks until I hit a large town called Novaya Petrovka, this town was a fucking warzone, gunfire and explosions rang out through the sky, my gut told me to leave before the gunfire finds me, but I wanted to see what was going on. Managed to get on top of a hill by a barn and looked down with binoculars, dozens of men in orange armbands had a huge warehouse surrounded, they were climbing on top of towers and taking shots down through windows. I believe I saw shots coming from inside as well. Poor guys. I'll make sure to keep clear of orange armbands from now on. I made an effort to travel in the opposite direction of this hell town and made my way south. Ended up at a new castle, while walking through the entrance gates I was met by a couple of kids arguing at the front, they saw me and stopped, turns out the boy's name is Chris, girls name was Katie. Chris lives here at the castle with a group named The Watch, good people who stay neutral and offer a home to survivors, I asked what it would take to join them and they told me a simple loot run, a background check and time earning trust is all it will take. I don't know why I was so interested, maybe its the fact that they own an entire castle. Either way, settling down for at least a little while couldn’t hurt. These people seem kind enough, and they need fighters. I was getting tired of wandering, so for now, my gun is theirs.
  7. Mummies and Ruins Entry 2 John and I wandered to a place called Devil’s Castle. Ruins of an old fort, it's an eerie feeling being amongst old ruins in a country full of fresh ones. Maybe the people of this castle thought the world was ending all those years ago as well, the black plague was thought to be the apocalypse, but look at how we rebuilt. History repeats itself and it will again. John and I parted ways and I'm currently camping alone on top of a tower, the view up here is beautiful and the whistling wind provides me with a blissful company, though it's not the best at holding up a conversation. Alteast I can take this mask off, my breath had made the inside of the plastic damp and hot, awfully uncomfortable. For the first time in a while, I cleaned my wounds. I stripped down and let the wind caress my bandaged body, I chuckled at myself, realizing I look like one of those Egyptian Mummies on top of these ruins. Each time I unwrapped a bandage, I saw the fleshy growths that cover my body begin to tear off, leaving a trail of blood. I don’t understand why I feel sad that I felt none of it, some would see my lack of pain as a blessing, but I crave the heat of fire upon my skin, the satisfying relief of scratching an Itch, the hundreds of grass blades waving my hand's goodbye as they plow through the field. I want to live again.
  8. I don't see any alt-right or incel related topics on the discord. These images are memes, always have been. In fact, Pepe has been around since 2008, its a frog from a comic... if you choose to view them as political icons then that's your choice and you don't have to use them. If we begin to ban images that people of extremist views use on the internet then we may as well ban free speech entirely.
  9. South Zagoria Entry 1 Found my way to South Zagoria, at least I think this is South Zagoria. Strangely, the first people I met were westerners, I was quite dumbfounded, they even seemed confused at the fact I was speaking Bulgarian. I'm glad that I learned English all those years ago, seems as though immigrants from the west came here after the outbreak. Not sure why anyone would want to come out here, I heard it was out here in the East where this sickness began. Perhaps it is worse in the USA. The first was an Australian named John, he was trapped inside a house with a million fucking infected outside, I watched for a few minutes and saw him trying to take shots at the hoard through windows, the idiot just ended up attracting more. I decided to help, I think I felt like I needed to redeem myself, life for a life those westerners say isn't it? I ran down through the hoard and managed to get the majority to come for me, an easier meal. The man escaped the house and ran to a Church, managed to lose the hoard and we met. His name was John, and he was very thankful that I saved him, even gave me a shiny new Kalashnikov. I guess the gunfire attracted more than Zombies as we saw some man running down the road, big fuck off blue “UN” helmet and an American weapon. He was a Medic he says, his name was doughnut? Strange Yankees. I showed them my face, they were shocked for a second. I wanted help from this Medic, thought maybe he knew how to treat my condition, but no, told me the usual, the shit that doesn’t work. Anti-Biotics, Cleaning wounds, otherwise, he just stood there like a dumbass looking at me in disgust. Medic my ass.
  10. *Aleksander would sit silently, secluded from his group as always. His mask leans on his thigh next to him, one of the rare moments he gets to air out his grotesque face. As one hand clutches the loaded Makarov pistol, the other reaches into his bag and pulls out a dusty, makeshift Journal. The leper removes the pen that was hanging from the binding string, opens the leather and lets his mind free into the pages.* (This Journal is held on Aleksander at all times. The reader must know how to read Bulgarian to be able to understand the contents) (Whoever kills Aleksander has permission to possess this Journal in-game)
  11. Maybe. I could stay in for around 20 minutes max before being booted
  12. Idk, I have the best available internet in my area. Could be that it's a bit unstable, still. It sucks that after a few months of playing im just being thrown at the wall like a wet paper towel ;_; That's exactly what I get, and usually it would be fine. Barely visible in RP in fact. Now I get kicked to the menu and have to wait in the queue for another 15 minutes
  13. I think I get that, but I don't understand how the server has been running for years without a limit. And only now is it being introduced, leaving us out. I just managed to get into the server, and it seems as though it may be okay now. But I can only imagine what will happen once I run into a large group and my ping spikes.
  14. With the new update, it is apparent that the developers have added in a Ping kick limit for when your ping hits 500. This would seem beneficial if it wasn't for the fact that us, here in Oceania are now being excluded from even playing on the server. I usually have a steady 250 ping to DayZRP, which sounds like a lot but it is very much playable and I never had any issues in the past. Now it seems that whenever I have a spike while loading in or just randomly. I get kicked. Many more people have expressed the same concern and it seems as though we are now being excluded simply because of our location. The server is now unplayable for most of us in NZ/AUS, which I see as simply unfair. I hope you admins remove the kick limit and allow us to play on your server again. I'd hate to lose the friends and memories I've experienced on this server and will be saddened to have to look for a new game and server to play on. Sincerely, concerned New Zealander
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