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  1. My character is a white male, mid to late 20's i was travelling from England to Ukraine for a holiday that i had won from a work event, after many flight changes i had almost made my final stop, travelling from turkey to Ukraine over the green ocean we were experiencing some minor turbulence, after 5-10 minutes of constant rattling we heard some noises coming from the cabin sounding very much like danger noises, i asked the cabin crew what was happening they just told me to remain in my seat, so i did but i couldn't help but notice that one of the engines didn't look to good, after a few seconds it suddenly burst into flames, within minutes the plane was going down, we were going to die, i braced myself for an instant death, moments later the plane had crashed into the ocean, the planes floats did not function correctly so the plane was sinking, i rushed out of my chair and tried to get to the door as quickly as possible, my only thought was survival, the plane was taking on massive amounts of water, i managed to get to the door open , i quickly escaped the plane and swam to the surface i thought nothing of the other passengers at the time, once i got there i noticed there was nothing around me, i happen to see some land in the far distance and started making my way towards it, i managed to get to shore, i didn't know where i was or what country i was in after lying on the beach i couldn't help but feel bad for not helping the others, but i was used to being alone, my only goal now is to survive, who knows what this land has in store for me, or what i might discover.
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