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  1. Raffski85

    [TWS] The WATCHERS [Recruitment On Hold]

    I think there was a little miscommunication on my part. I wasn't asking to send it now. I was just replying off the back of the other guys post, just to clarify Sorry for the mix up.
  2. Raffski85

    [TWS] The WATCHERS [Recruitment On Hold]

    Cheers man, much appreciated. The clan sounds top
  3. Raffski85

    [TWS] The WATCHERS [Recruitment On Hold]

    Hey, I've just submitted my whitelist. Would it be cool to send in an application also?
  4. Hey Cheers for the welcomes. I'm currently working on my white list application. However I'm finding myself rewriting it as it never looks good enough lol Cheers again, Raff
  5. Just thought I'd say hello. I've not played RP before but I'm really looking forward to doing some if I get accepted.