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  1. Drunk, homeless and hopeless. That was how people that knew Grahm described him. His home was wherever he went, sleeping on back alleys, public toilets, park benches, you name it and he probably has spent a night there before. When the infected took over, he saw it as an opportunity. Everyone was equal again. Doesn't matter if you were rich or poor, when humanity fell, everyone only wanted to survive. Spending much of his life salvaging rubbish for useful items and food turned out to be a very useful skill in the post apocalyptic world, Grahm was able to quickly search and loot places abandoned and got himself quite a inventory. Now a roving trader, he travels Chernarus trading odds and ends that he finds.
  2. Hello everyone. I am new to RP servers. I used to play a lot of SA till I got conscripted into the military. Still managed to get some hours in but stopped playing just before 0.60 came out. I have finished my service and working full time, less time to play and wanting to focus more on player interactions instead of engaging in combat on other server whenever I meet players, I decided to join and try DayzRP! I only play alone all my old friends have stopped playing completely. I try to minimize player interactions but when I do meet players, I will help or give what they need(if I have them on me), or try to trade with them then go on my way. I wander around the whole map exploring Chernarus all over again. If this playstyle is allowed, if it isn't I can switch it up! I speak with an accent since I am from Asia, so I am sorry if I ever meet you guys in game and you have to repeat what was said to me once or twice and if you couldn't understand what I was saying. Sorry if my English isn't as good as the rest on here! Ken
  3. Conscripted into the military in 2014, trained in conventional warfare and survival skills, Corporal Ken spent most of his time in the military part of a crew of 10 on armored vehicles. He felt like he could do more than man the rear MG of the APC, when the time came that the military was looking for men to join UN peacekeeping operations, he volunteered without hesistation. Part of the UN peacekeeping force that was sent to Miroslavl, then attached to Chapaevsk. When the bombs fell and infected took over, Ken was one the few survivors from Chapaevsk. Together with a few doctors and researchers, they tried to survive. During a salvage run at Nadezhdino a horde of infected separated Ken from the group. Alone now he uses his skill learnt from being in the military to survive alone waiting for possibly a cure or a vaccine. Having only short interactions with other survivor he meets, he tries to help them with whatever he can before moving along, hoping one day he might find the survivors he had separated with from Chapaevsk.
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