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  1. DexAgonRP

    The Time.

    Thanks for the Feedback!
  2. DexAgonRP

    The Time.

    Glad The Time is coming had an amazing roleplay experience last time lowkey can't wait to play as the Heroes again.
  3. Another Epic Role Play Montage Thank You Norwayy Very Cool
  4. *Zadoc Sahakian pushes down PTT on his radio* "God shut the fuck up is 12am and I'm trying to sleep"
  5. Born in Los Angles, California on the 5th of October in 1997 Jonathan lived an average life in a Los Angles suburb.In Jonathan's early life he saw a lot of success in education and was invited into many academic achievement programs while his Mother and Father worked in order to give Jonathan a good education he lost motivation during high school and slowly became indifferent to the world around him.At the age 17 Jonathan got mixed up in a liquor store robbery the gunman has his back against Jonathan this was his time to play hero and so he did, he tackled the gunman and deescalated the situation, After that Jonathan wanted to feel that rush again at the age of 18 he decided to join up with a PMC group called 'Legion Corporation' Jonathan spent two years Training and working for legion corp. His first Active deployment was in Takistan protecting and delivering Legion Corporation products.After the outbreak in Chernarus Jonathan was redeployed to Electrogorsk along with a detachment of Legion Corporation PMCs once the group arrived in Severograd they were ambushed in the dead of the night most of the men died but Jonathan manged to escape in head north towards Tisy military his plan to survivor and regroup with the rest of legion corp.
  6. DexAgonRP

    The Time.

    I'm a new member to this community and I recently took a 3 week hiatus from Dayz, once I come back I meat up with an in-game friend Pavel (being played by @NorwayRP) This group treated me respectfully and and no issues bring me in and showing me the ropes at their trading depot.Throughout the day I experience great a fulfilling role-play by both their actions and the members of this group. As an outsider looking in it's honesty hard for me to see the reason why this group is getting so much undeserved hate.
  7. I've revisited the that and made sure the my name in my perimeters is as my character http://prntscr.com/nh15jm http://prntscr.com/nh15oz however I'm still getting the no active character kick. I've also tried restarting and uninstalling the game but it has not fixed the issue.
  8. 1) Once I connect I keep getting kicked for not having a valid active character http://prntscr.com/nh0b20 I've set up my character on the website two hour ago and I'm still getting this issue. 2)Once I am connect to the server usually for about 20 seconds at a time before getting kicked my character model is a female which conflicts with the charter that I'm role playing as. http://prntscr.com/nh0bli
  9. Zadoc Sahakian was born on the 4th of February 1997 in Los angles California to Armenian nationals. Zadoc grew up living an average life for a family of a ghetto, His mother a tailor provided for the family,while father was an aging alcoholic always an edge away from gambling the family's pitiful fortune.by the age of 14 Zadoc learned of the horrors and atrocities committed to the Armenian people while he only understood it within the context of a text book it lead him to understand his origins and the reason for why his family decided to move to the states.By the age of 17 his mother had passed away and he was left alone with his father at his 18th birthday he gifted himself a one-way ticket to Armenia in the hopes of finding his family relatives. Zadoc arrived in Armenia on the 5th of February 2015 and attempted to establish himself, however after weeks without work he was out on the streets and begging for money he used his little savings to attempt find close relatives.After days of traveling he had made it to the village of Sarapat where he find his aunt who was willing to take him in.Over the next two years Zadoc worked as a bartender and established connections within his community. In late June Zadoc was invited to a colleague's wedding on the 11th of July taking place in the small nation state of chernarus. While the trip was long and was an overland route Zadoc decided it was a good opportunity to explore a neighboring county and as an added bonus one that he didn't even knew that existed.The trip lasted over a week and by the time Zadoc made it to chernarus it was the 10th of July and he only had time to check into his motel in Berezino.In the afternoon for the 11th Zadoc was fast asleep into the evening the only thing waking him up was the sound of people and cars rushing down the street. Zadoc walked out to see mass panic and with nothing but the cloths on his back he didn't wait to see what was causing the commotion instead he followed the masses making his way to Elektrozavodsk were he was forced to camp on the eastern side of the city.The military failed to contain the outbreak Zadoc decided to stay near the Elektro area as was not lucky enough to get on a evacuation ship and following the horde of people would be a surefire way of catching the epidemic.Zadoc continued to scavenge both Elektrozavodsk and the city of Chernogorsk for supplies for the next couple of weeks.
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