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  1. got about 15hrs and gotta say love it so far!!
  2. Chris, a simple man that lived with his wife Gallina. He and his wife were a couple of lovebirds that wanted to be together no matter where they had to go. Chris was a young man in college when he met Gallina going to the University Of Arkansas in the states When he met Gallina he knew she was the one he would do anything to be with that girl. Time went by and he was able to work up the guts to speak to this beautiful young woman, not knowing that she was apart of the exchange student program but that didn't change a thing. Chris knew that she would soon be off to her own country in the next upcoming years but he knew she was the one. 3 years passed and they were together and they knew that they wanted to get married but didn't know how it was going to work with her having to move back to her home country, Chris has never heard or even knew anything about a small country named Chernarus, Chris looked into it and saw the beautiful landscapes, villages, towns and city's and made the decision that he is going to leave everything behind and move to be with his loved one. A year has passed and everything was set up and ready to go, it was time to go. Chris spent most of his days in Chernarus helping Gallina with her family farm while she would work at the clinic in Novaya Petrovka. Life was good, Chris started to get more fluent in the language thanks to Gallinas Father. The days got longer and darker due to the bombs that have been going off with no TV or Internet at home not much was known, the only source of information they had was the talk Gallina heard at work, which was still not enough to explain why there were bombings from there own planes. Time passed and very little was explained not much was seen due to where the house was located. Gallina stopped going to work due to being afraid of being bombed by her own Country. One day Gallina's father decided that he would enter town he told Chris and Gallina to stay in the house no matter what. Days passed Chris decided that he would leave the house in search of Gallinas Father. Gallina told him not to go and that Father told them to stay and not leave, but he went anyway because he knew that she wanted her father back and he was going to do that for her. Chris entered the town nothing was found he looked for 20 minutes, being enough time to search but nothing. Chris quickly made his way back to the house. When he made it the front door was open with the glass broken he ran inside screaming for Gallina but no answer he ran into the bedroom where he found Gallina on the floor covered in blood. Chris sat down by her and screamed her name over and over but nothing was said. Gallina sat down with her face covered in blood he kissed her one last time. During the kiss a noise was heard from the bathroom, the door had a spot of blood on the door and a handprint. He plowed the door open expecting Gallina's murderer but the thing he found broke him forever. Gallina's father. He turned around and jumped on Chris trying to bite and scratch at him, Chris was able to knock him off. He got back up and kept coming. Kyle ran into the wood south hoping to find someone, anyone to help. a couple of days passed and Chris found no one, only the things that tore his life apart, all he knew is that he must take care of himself and survive or die trying.
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