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  1. lol maybe that is the only way you see greefing @Phoenix but it dose not make this any less greefing LOL but it is okay do with this report as you see fit
  2. when a group of 3 rob a singel guy 2 time with in 1 H well that is greefing if it has no other reason then to destroy ones game there are no RP reason what so ever they did not need everything that i had on me or did they make it clear what group they are from to atleast proteckt there territory
  3. Server and location: Server time: 2019-04-22, 00:53 RL 15 before server time Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-04-22, 00:53 RL 15 before server time Your in game name: Malis Eliasen Names of allies involved: non Name of suspect/s: no idea but there was to guys and a girl Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): non Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): non Detailed description of the events: fisrt i see some light in a city so i approach it and see 3 folk and tell them my name and ask them were we are and if maybe if they can help me our with some food start tell them that i am a medic and that i maybe can help them back there is one that take his rifle out and i tell him that i meen no harm to them and i be on my way he tils me that he dont take it out to start enything and that suddenly he tells me to drop on the ground and he will shot me in 5 sec if i dont do that. the hole looting i am trying to talk my way out of it and offering my help to them but no cinvo from them other then we are leaving to with some food and drik and then they are on there way. i get loos and try to go west and it then becomse day light i find a train track and follow it south i think and just as it splits i go down on my belle to look at my map and then when i get up there are to guys standing ingfront of me i have my shotgun out and i will them that they need to stand back i am a bit nervous because I have just been assaulted then one of them tell me that he is not a boy but a girl and i will them that i belive that it is them that rob me not long ago just after that i here ((drop on the ground or i will shot you)) i take my gun away and look at him it is the same guy from just before and i tell him that i hope he have bullets for that guy and then i run agenst him and over ther small river and up the hill the get me a cobbel of times so i stop behind a tree and when i try to defend my self i get killed all of this is with in 1 h there is no RP even thoug i am trying to RP with them and the greefing is that the episodes is so close togather i know that is not much to go on but it is the best i can do Malis Eliasen
  4. thank you all i feel really wecome and i had a good start on the server with great RP
  5. Malis Elison 32 years old in his youth malis was a punk with a big P after alot of disappointment with his family he decided to leave them alon so he lived in the street in Copenhagen and joined in the Bz movement. Fight home mortgages. BZ the empty houses. he was good at organizing the others and he built barricades in the houses they had occupied. This lifestyle led to much drinking and in many violent clashes with the police. during a demonstration to preserve an old house he was arrested, and they found out he was wanted because he had not met at the barracks to serve his military service so he got the choice between becoming a soldier or getting a longer prison sentence. so his soldier's life started there. In the beginning it was difficult for him to follow orders but he quickly decided that if he were to go through then he should be the best so he starts taking it very seriously to become a soldier he was trained as a field midic and was sent to Afghanistan in the ISAF-mission. one day on the patrol he had changed places with the navigator to side forest in the armored car that decision he made that day came to be his greatest regret. a roadside bomb exploded and killed his good friend Torben who had taken his place in the car that day Malis himself was injured and gat send home. After his trip to Afghanistan, he returned to his old friends and movement. but much had changed in him the loss of the Torben was very hard on him he became angry and depressed. he began to express his anger in the autonom environment He began showing up to all the demostracion that was against fascism and Nazism and was there most of all to get that adranalin kick by smashing them as in his eyes was the root of all evil. during a demo in berlin he met Hans, Hans was from the movment ANTIFA and he told how they were fighting around the world against all the fascists It was just what he was looking for so he joined ANTIFA and start traveling around the world to support the fight against fascism. Malis was in Greece because there was a big problem with neo-Nazis who attacked homosexuals and humility on the Internet so with a group of hackers from anonymous they worked on closing their sides down and ended up fighting with them on the streets from time to time July 13 he read about the military actions in on /B/ 4chan An anonymous user describes these living dead and describes how there was a Cemic weapon made by the USSR which was the reason for this outbreak and invited to make ready for end of the world "There is probably no one laughing at me any more to being a prepper" when he read about the outbreak he decided to go to ground 0 to help get rid of the living dead he needed a boat so with some friends they went down to the harbor ATM Τράπεζας Πειραιώς in Athen were they found a boat full of supplise and not garded so they stole it and took off sailing to the green sea. at sea they avoided all the chaos on land. his mission is simple create a group of people with the same conviction as himself and exterminate the cancer of the fascists has created. Malis as a person is helpful to those he sees as not fascist He believes in creating a new world image where power does not belong to the few. he believes that this infection must be fought and all the infected must be killed and branded and he took it upon himself to make the world a safer place by doing this. Malis believes that it is out of the fascist war machine this disease has come from and that therefore all studies, samples and work made to create or stop this disease must be destroyed and forgotten.
  6. thank you DaRsnn
  7. Hi all a quick hi from me i am Martin but you can call me Malis some of my m8 play here and it looks like you hvad a nice community and server so i cant wait to get on the Whitelist and become a part of it hope to have some nice RP wirh you all when i get ingame
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