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  1. Russell was a homeless man who basically wasn't affected at all by the zombie apocalypse. he was fending for himself with only one pair of clothes, scavenging for food, and having nowhere real to sleep on the cold nights before the epidemic struck so he is conditioned for this. Hes dirty and has no care for personal hygiene (not like anyone has any in a zombie apocalypse) and has a very unkempt beard. The thing about his character is that he'll always blame others for his downfalls instead of actually taking the blame on himself thus ruining any relationship or human contact he had once the epidemic struck. Other than that his character is a mellow neutral person who'll always try to make a friend once he comes across one because hes been lonely his whole life due to his behavior. Before the epidemic struck he had a wife and kids and was happily living his life. One day he caught his wife having an affair and started rampaging having a complete meltdown. He ended up assaulting his own wife and her other lover in his fit of rage. After this he was sentenced to jail and she gained possession of everything he owned leaving him with nothing one he finishes his sentence. once he was released he lived two years on the streets of chernaurus with nothing to his name surviving off food in trashcans and what mother nature provided. On the day the epidemic started he saw what had become of the corpses and they were living again feeding on anything they could find. Luckily for him he already had some experience living in the bear wilderness
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