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  1. Nathan was a simple kid. He grew up in Vermont with his Dad. His Mother had left when he was only Three years old. After his mother left, Nathans Father could never bear himself to come clean to Nathan and for most of Nathans life, Nathan believed his mother died in a car crash, as that is what his father told him. Later in life Nathan became increasingly interested in guns. His Father worked as a doctor and surgeon, so this paid for much of Nathans gun classes and guns themselves. It also paid for a personal gun range, that Nathan and his Dad regularly spent time at during weekends and after school. In time Nathan became very well at shooting assault rifles, and they were the most popular gun for Nathan at the gun range. Still, he shot many others and was exceptionally well at nearly all of them, he mostly stuck to ARs. Nathans Father always tried to stay close to Nathan, as he wanted to further himself from his Wifes actions as much as possible. Nathan lived in a neighborhood that was filled with above average income citizens, so this meant mostly adults and as a result of that, Nathan really had only one friend, his Father. Until Samuel. When Nathan was around nine, Samuel moved in. As Samuel was the only other kid in town and was the same age as Nathan, they instantly became friends. Samuel was a seeming splash of kiddish color on usually grey and dreary canvas of adults. Nathan and Samuel constantly spent time together. Every second they were able to be around each other they took it. At first it started innocent, they played together at the local park and had sleepovers. Then, in later teen years, They would sneak off with cigarettes and liquor and leave into the woods behind Samuels house with a camping mat to lie on, as they smoked and got drunk. They were smart about it and did it on days when their parents wouldn't worry about them being home before a select time. It’s now highschool and It was every day average slow moving morning, when the loud speaker came on. “Lockdown, Lockdown, This is a Lockdown!” the principal said in a hasty panicked voice. “This is not a drill I repeat this is not a Drill” Everybody rushed to their normal places and locked the doors. Just as everyone got settled in, breaking glass and gunshots were heard. Viral screams and normal alike echoed down the school hallways. Everybody was panicking now and some were bursting out of their room and trying to leave the school. Few got out and many were caught by disgusting, rotting creatures. One of those people were in Nathan and Samuels room. They were instantly trampled as soon as they opened the door and the Infected flushed in, And Nathan and Samuel ran out. They maneuvered through the crowd, adrenaline pumping through them both. They were almost out of the school, almost safe, when Samuel got snagged on leg by one. It let out a guttural yell and bit into Samuels leg. Nathan screamed, Shocked and in terror. He kicked the creature off of Samuel, picked him up, and ran. They both just kept on, and Ran. After the adrenaline calmed, they both walked the rest of the way to the Neighborhood. After they arrived, they realized almost everyone there had turned. So they both crouched down and maneuvered all the way to Nathans House. They stepped inside, a wave of relief washing over them. Nathan yelled out for his dad, In which his father returned with a pained Moan. Samuel fell onto the couch the pain of his leg getting to him. Nathan rushed upstairs to see his Father on the bathroom floor, with his stomach ripped open. “DAD!” Nathan Exclaimed, as he rushed to him. “nathan…”His Dad whispered in a fading voice. “Your gonna be fine, Your gonna be okay, We need… We need.. Alcohol, Bandages, We need-” “No. I'm too far gone...blood loss… trauma…” “No, Dad-” Tears ran down Nathans face. “Your Mother… Never died…” “What?” Nathan said to his father in a slightly hushed tone. “She...Left us… She left...You” Nathans father was close to death. “What? You never told me” “I didn’t want you… to have a reason to be sad” Nathans pulled himself close to his father, as he let out his last breath. Samuel wasn't looking good. He was pale and sickly. “You know what's going to happen Nathan.” Samuel said to Nathan. “I'm not just going to leave you here Samuel! Im staying with you.” Nathan exclaimed. Carter Then got, Having taken pain meds so his leg wouldn't hurt. “Come on” he helped Nathan pack supplies, almost everything he needed was in two duffel bags, along with a MP3 player. Except for a 9mm glock 19, which Nathan wanted to take. They kept almost all of their guns and ammo down at the ranch in multiple Weatherproof containers. This was the only one they kept in their house for home defence. Nathan wanted to take it, not for protection, but because he knew what would happen when he left it there. Samuel would use it. But Samuel and Nathan both knew what was happening and what was going to happen from all the movies, shows and books, so Danny forced himself to leave it be. Nathan sat down next to Samuel and cried. Cried because he didn't want to see his sweet embrace gone. Cried because he didn't want to leave his warming smile. Cried, because he didn't want to let Samuel. “Its okay…” Samuel comforted Nathan. Nathan looked up straight in to Carters eyes, and he kissed him and them hugged him. A long hug. Then Nathan fell asleep. He awoke to seeing Samuel with the glock under his Chin. “I love you Nathan” He said softly. “Samuel? SAMUEL!” Nathan yelled, as Samuel pulled the trigger. The gunshot pierced and Nathans ears began ringing. Blood splattered out of Samuels head, As the bullet hit the ceiling, causing drywall to fall to the floor. Nathan looked on at Samuels corpse in shock, Hayzed from the loud noise, and then Fainted. He awoke again, slowly gathering his bearings, and then noticing Samuels dead body once more and finally realizing the gravity of the situation, with a somewhat clear mind. He then began violently sobbing and pulling himself into a long hug with the now dead Samuel. For 3 hours, Nathan stayed, hugging Samuel and sobbing. He finally let go and got up, wiping away the last few tears. He kept his eyeline away from Samuel as he grabbed the glock, the keys to their white pickup, and the duffle bags. He looked back one last time as he walked out of the door and then shut it behind him. Multiple of the neighbors were in the driveway but he made quick work of them with the glock. He climbed into the truck and drove to the gun ranch. He got out and made his way to the safe and grabbed an AR-15, an acog, ammo, and magazines for the gun. He then took the glock and chucked it into the woods, not wanting to see it any longer for what it was used for. He replaced it with a much better 45 acp based pistol. With the guns he grabbed he then walked back to the truck and began to drive. And that's what he did for a while. He drove all around the U.S. Making pit stops for supplies. But one day his truck broke down, so he abandoned the truck and moved through the surrounding area. Eventually he came across a very large clearing, and in the middle of the clearing was a plane. A military plane. he walked closer, but then personnel of the plane came out and yelled at Nathan to drop his weapon and get on the ground. After the confrontation, they brang him onto the plane along with Nathans things. On the plane there were other civilians and military. They said to be quiet, and no one would be hurt. Then they prepped the plane and flew out of the clearing. Since Nathan had fallen asleep in the plane when he woke up to the pilot screaming mayday and the plane going down, he was rightfully quite terrified. Some personnel were jumping out the exits with parachutes, but Nathan just clung to his seat, as the plane crashed into the Green Sea. Nathan awoke floating, frontside up. He turned around in the water to see his duffel bag. He grabbed onto it and swan around. He eventually found an emergency inflatable raft, which he inflated and got onto with his duffel. Once he got on he checked the duffel bag to find food, water and his old MP3 player. In the distance he could see land and a town. In the distance, he could see what he would later refer to as, Chernarus.
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