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  1. LarzBTW

    Linked Alt Discord account

    This worked perfectly! Thank you.
  2. LarzBTW

    Linked Alt Discord account

    the problem is i am not on the discord on my main account. and i lost my alt account when i signed out... haha I think i just need my account on the website reset so i can relink with correct discord
  3. LarzBTW

    Linked Alt Discord account

    My browser for some reason used my Alternate discord account to link to my DayZRP account. Is there a way i can remove the discord that is set on here?
  4. Im Larz, I am a recently graduated Oncologist from the United States. I was always super involved with everything in school, all the extras curricular activities, including JROTC in HS, and ROTC in College. This is when things took a turn for the worst... I got a call from the Czech Republic one morning. It was good news but also HORRIFIC news. The Surgeon General from The Main Hospital of Czech Republic was the one on the line. He had informed me that there was a recent small outbreak in Chernarus, he did not give me much information about the actual outbreak. I was told I am one of the best that could help them solve this outbreak before it got out of hand. I was flown out by the Chernarus Military. Upon arrival I was horrified to find the outbreak had worsened and spread too far for me to help. It had spread so far that we were no longer safe to land at the NWAF as it had been overrun. We had to make an emergency landing on the south of the Island. Time for Survival.
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