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  1. Was thinking as modding isnt really a thing in standalone yet if its possible to add a dayzrp exile server. i enjoyed dayzrp much more in arma 2 when mods were actually a thing but i think standalone lacks the feeling i had and i think its because of the mods and base building etc.
  2. in my whitelist application it says im whitelist and i have been for a few months but i logged on today and tried to join the server and it said i wasnt whitelisted please helpp!!
  3. i installed the top one on the downloads page
  4. Its fixed i just re installed it!
  5. i will try that fozzy it might just be a new patch bug or something nope cant even launch my arma 2 without it saying it
  6. its not letting me join.
  7. ahhahaha thanks guys i was making a massive stupid mistake!
  8. it says i had to take out these files and then that i had to update it any help?
  9. Hello everyone i just got accepted and now joining the server hope to have a great time playing!
  10. hello i was told it could take a week for my form to be looked at and at this stage you said it would take a few hours to a few days so i will wait for a couple of days but all i ask will it take a week well could it?