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  1. My name is Mathias Vladimir and I am in my mid to late twenties, the years kind of blur together now. I was a driver for the local package shipping company and veteran military. I served four years in the Russian Armed Forces. I joined up right out of school in 2011 thinking that I was serving the glorious motherland or whatever. I was stupid and young. I'm glad to have gotten out before the war though. So much death. Though now the dead rise again and that is a war in and of its own. My first experience with the walking dead was... traumatic. My parents lived in Chernarus and whilst I was driving up along the road a person just ran out in front of me. I didn't have time to stop and I just collided into them. They tumbled across the hood and smashed my windshield to uselessness. After I got out of the car the person suddenly leaped at me. They were snapping their teeth and all I could do to defend myself was grab a rock I landed near and just bashed them in the head to get them off. Turns out that person was already dead before I even hit them. I was so confused and had no idea what was going on. I managed to hook up with my friend Rhys from High School, ran into him trying to raid a diner for some leftover scraps. I was lucky he didn't shoot me. Though, something seemed off about him now that I think about it. He was a bit more twitchy than normal. For now we have set out together, figuring someone we knew was more trustworthy than a random stranger and the added protection is good. I hope one day we can get out of this god forsaken country and go back to our normal lives.
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