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  1. davestroyed

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    8/10! Looks a lot more detailed from the first time I saw yours!
  2. davestroyed

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I'm new here, I think I can offer a unique perspective. Coming in from other servers, this is by far the best I have experienced. Even the bandit groups of the server have had great RP for me. That being said, I'm sure the server might slog on certain areas of the map; yet even when the server has 20-30 people I manage to run into 1-5 people in an hour. Provided how large Chernarus is, I think that's awesome. All these interactions are quality role play and allow for unique outcomes. If this is a "slow" period for the server it must have been absolute mayhem before!
  3. Wanted to make sure before I enjoyed this place before I posted anything, but this community is awesome! Been playing for around a week and have met so many cool people with some awesome RP. Felt it was time to introduce myself to the community. I'm Dave, from the U.S. and have been playing DayZ since the initial mod release. I've been around the Arma community since Operation Flashpoint if you can believe that. Been in a bunch of different units enjoying everything this game Arma have to offer. Nowadays I mainly play grand strategy games and DayZ, so I'm very happy to be in a cool community for DayZ! Hopefully my adventures lead to new friends and experiences!
  4. Dave studied journalism in school and started shooting for his local news stations as a photographer. As he got more experienced Dave opted for more action no matter the task. Soon he applied for a photographer position at the U.N. and got it. He photographed the worlds news as he traveled, yearning for more action, Dave decided to internally apply for the wartime photographer position. He received the job and was sent to many war torn countries embedded with many different military units. These countries include Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and last but not least Chernarus. During his assignment in Chernarus Dave operated in a mostly freelance environment, selling to the U.N. or the highest bidder for intense photos of the Chernarussian civil war. After the war, Dave remained in Chernarus working on photographing the country for the infatuated west. The instability of the country was mounting and Dave was there to capture it. During the start of the infection Dave was one of the world's best photographers, still selling to the highest bidder; and capturing this societies collapse as it occurred. However, as the infection became more serious, so did Dave. He was forced to stop his photography and pushed to survive. Dave adapted as he always has, and now wonders Chernarus surviving as any man should.
  5. A Chernorussian police officer. Dav joined the Police force and was employed by the city of Berenzino for 4 years pre-outbreak. Due to his rapid success within the police department, Dav was appointed as the youngest qualified police tactical unit member in the city of Berenzino. In his position, Dav oversaw many hostage and bomb crisis as the team's marksman. As the infection began to spread, Dav was assigned to help protect the city as the rest of the country fell. Laying on rooftops engaging stray infected, Dav and his fellow officers were able to buy a few lucky citizens some time. When Berenzino finally began to completely fall, Dav and his remaining officers remained barricaded in the police station for as long as possible. Unfortunately a wounded officer was brought in that had been infected. This infected officer attacked in the dead of night, infecting all of Dav's fellow officers. Dav awoke to the screams and knew exactly what was happening, himself and his closest friend made for the roof since the building was barricaded. With a 10-15 infected behind them, Dav and his friend Kyleshka ran up the stairs to jump from the roof. Realizing that they were not fast enough Kyleshka decided to hold the door while Dav made for the roof. Dav argued, but ultimately agreed to his friends wishes and ran off the building. Dav was uninjured, but vowed to Kyleshka that he would return and put him out of his misery when he was able to. Now Dav survives as any man would, yet his police background remains.
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