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  1. En Manji, the son of a CEO and a hard chested army dad is a young student that was on a biological research trip in central Czech Republic when the outbreak started. His friends are dead and he has nowhere else to go so he heads north trying to find a way out or at least a safe haven. He ends up on a boat with an odd Czech couple who says they are headed to the UK so his first thought is "well hell at least its a way out right?" Wrong, as night cover the sky a storm strikes and En hits his head as the swells thrash the boat around. He wakes up on a shore drenched and cold. The odd couple nowhere to be found. Boat is broken in half. he walks into Elektro and finds a map. He's in Chernarus unfortunately, as gun shots ring out in the distance he realizes he is stranded and he has no other options but to survive and hopefully join up with other survivors of this outbreak. En being a son of his hard army dad he understands how to use a gun and how to take care of himself after years of hunting trips and long camping expeditions around the United States. He's no stranger to being on his own in the dark with sounds of predators surrounding him.
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