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  1. Jimmy if a complicated fellow. He grew up in Ohio with a crazy family. A father who was never there, mostly out at a bar or a strip club, probably cheating on his mom. And with that brought a lot of chaos to the household. With his mother getting drunk off wine every night, going off on rants about almost everything. Jimmy chose to live his life mainly in the woods, he would stay away from home hunter and living off the land for weeks or even months at a time. But when he turned 18, he finally left his family and moved as far away as he could. To Chernarus, of all places. He lived in a small cabin in the woods, for over 3 years without problems. But when the outbreak started, all hell broke loose. A female survivor needed help, she was being chased by 3 walkers. Jimmy rushed out and saved her. A relationship started between them. And was the only love Jimmy has ever felt. After a year of safety, Jimmy was out checking the animal traps, when he heard a scream in the direction of his cabin. He ran inside to find his love being eaten by 2 walkers. He turned and saw a third walkers dead on the ground with a knife in its head. Jimmy killed the remaining walkers. And buried his girlfriend outside. Jimmy left the cabin and went on a dark path of vengeance on a horde of zombies. Some how he came out alive, and as a beautiful sunrise started. He decided to roam the lands helping anyone who needs it. And killing any evil doer.
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