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  1. Yep, sometimes you have to refresh for dozen times to see this server.
  2. Born as a son of alcoholic parents, he left home at age of 15 years. He became homless. After to 2 of wandering through Chernarus, he came by Jaroslav Rudiš, a man of many talents. He woke in him curiosity in medical studies. He finished high school and lately went to medical school. He get a stipendium on Cambridg university, and finished his degree there in just 3 years. We became one of best cardiosurgeons in Europe. He was trevelling world and getting best of him. He never returned to his family and never wished to started his own, he lost his faith in family institution. He is persistent, stubborn and very curious. Seeking solitude for his troubled mind, but be member of some bigger group. He went to furneral of Jaroslav Rudiš, when appocalypse struck. He was part of medical contingent sent to Severograd, and miraculously survived. Now he wanders through country, to establish medical care.
  3. Hmmm, still I cant find a server, seen it just once, from that moment i cant browse it .... tried IP, name, checked all settings
  4. My name is Josef Neměc, I´m 35 years old, I was born on june 3rd 1984 in Chernarus, in city of Zatec (20 km from Novigrad). I was prefessional chemist, working in company that was making biomedicinal components for medical use(joint replacements, cordial valves, etc..). I was also passionate hunter. My father was a priest, but he was very tolerant for my life attitudes. Mother was neurosurgeon, and was very disappointed, that I did not follow up her medical edducation entirely. I like to cook, hunt, have fun with friends, i like to work manually. I was married once, my wife was with me on a yacht in time when outbreak began, nearly entire crew was turned, so we fled to open ocean, where we were drifted appart. Since then I am looking for her, in recent time I lost faith in that, she is alive. During those two years I was mostly alone, few times I banded with other people, many of them died, others went their own way. I would like to find some people, which would share my vision of civilized group, that can carry knowledge and brighter future for upcomming generations. Get rid of oppressors of other people and rise new society, that can finally learn from their mistakes.
  5. I would like to ask you for direct ip adress
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