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"The history of the world is who gets eaten, and who gets to eat"

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  1. Rinkatorin


    It is nice piece of artwork keep it up I am looking forward your next piece
  2. Rinkatorin

    Babies, yay or nay?

    Maybe I am the last person to speak into this toppic but I think you are absolutely right.
  3. Rinkatorin

    Final version of Mad Rin

    It is easy, don't like don't look
  4. Rinkatorin

    Final version of Mad Rin

    I prefer scared
  5. Rinkatorin

    Final version of Mad Rin

    Like oh my o.O
  6. Rinkatorin

    Final version of Mad Rin

    You looking at night mare Hi Kenneth I am chaos
  7. Rinkatorin

    Final version of Mad Rin

    Fully mad Rin
  8. Rinkatorin

    The Order

    In memorial for Dr. Guenther Schaeffer and Wojtek Kowalsky. Thank for all that fun.
  9. Rinkatorin


    Meet me in game than
  10. Rinkatorin


    Rinka Torindottir v. 2.0
  11. Rinkatorin

    Zac got a new face! Jack was happy

  12. Rinkatorin

    Bez názvu

    Really? If I was a bad girl I can run into ya and yell on ya all out yo hands up. Probably catch first bullet into my brain but ya know for feeling
  13. Rinkatorin

    Bez názvu

    Oh yeah I suppose so soo many boys and no one keeps a watch
  14. Rinkatorin

    Bez názvu

    I thing it is some late nigh boys party in Stary Sobor.
  15. Rinkatorin

    Attention women of Chernarus (Open Freq)

    *She giggle when she hear that voice from her radio* Allah won't help you if you meet me mister *She let go that PTT button*
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