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  1. I dont have a chance do ooc robery was over and i try get out of the handcuffs but in midle of that proces pc freez and dont respond and than crash and shut down
  2. Oh thank for answer. And yes he gave me handcuffs
  3. Hi to all players, Sorry to bother but I have a question. Did my character stay on server after my pc crash? Because couple of minutes back I was in camp and being robed but in that proces my pc freez and crash to blue screen and after I reconnect back to server my character was death probably was shoot. Thank for all answers and have a nice day
  4. Yeah And cant join other servers because of these mods but cant join dayzrp server
  5. Hi to all players, I have problem. I cant connect to server. I write to me that server rejected conection because I have bad version. I try reinstal the game but it not work. I do every step in how to join but still can not connect to server. Pleas help Thank for your advice
  6. Rinka was born on Iceland in Reykjavik city 25 year before outbrake. She have happy childrenhood, full of laughter and joy with hers five siblings. She was the youngest. But when it came to coexistence with her parents it was another story. Almos always they argued very bad. Partly because they all had boiling vikings blood in theirs veins and partly because She is really free spirit. She always did only what She want and She hate obey to anyone. But she always keep smile on her face and sun in her soul. Her patience come to end when she was twenty years old. She packed her stuff and decide to move to London and live alone. In London She found out that her dream was to help people so She became a nurse and start working in St. Thomas' Hospital. However something back in her mind alwys told her she was born to be wild so She decide to get air permit and bought small plane and start exploring world. Unfortunately, in breakout day she decided flew back to Iceland to visited her family. When her plane got high in the air, really strong storm began and caught her off guard. Wind threwing the plane from side to side and in all that chaos her GPS system has broken. When She was forced to make an emergency landing because of an empty fuel tank She was in Chernarus.
  7. Hi to all players od Dayz I am new here and very excited to try a RP in dayz. I have tons of inspiration for story of my figure and i really cant decide which one i pick I have some experience with RP in other game like GTA5 Online and so I am not beginner in RP. But i play DayZ only for few weeks so I just get use of Dayz, but one thing I really hate on other servers and that one thing is KoS . Because I really cant notice other players fast enough so they always kill me and i have to start again soo boring and I just missing RP aspect in other servers. That will be all for my introduction. see ya in game
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