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  1. What I would love to see in the future is group of players who are actually great at hostile/evil/crazy RP running around and teaching those who are interested how to nail this type of RP. Look at for example ToyMakers, that was really great insane group which can push RP to really great point, in this point hostile RP is only in state of ,,Turn around and be quiet,, which is shame
  2. Gear is not what make a good, spooky and crazy RP. It's about how you RP, belive me you can spook peeps around even without creepy, weird looking masks But that mod is great specialy cuz that scythe in
  3. Rinkatorin

    Do You Know The Way?

    Don´t cross the street
  4. Rinkatorin


    New lore new character. Barbora Berousek.
  5. Rinkatorin

    Houdini Truck.jpg

    Cars automaticaly destroy itselfs when you are around
  6. In fearful day, in raging night, With strong hearts, our souls ignite. When all seems lost in the War of Light, Look to the stars, for hope burns bright! I shan't fear dark, nor hate the light, Compassion, love, and hope make bright my only greed, my will to fight against what's wrong and make it right. On a cold winter night on Christmas eve in the year 2001 a small ball of joy was born. Even thru that she was born into broken family, she was prayed child. Hers mom Emílie Vyležichová become pregnant after love affair with man from circus. Little she know that man was owner of that circus and holder of famous name Berousek. Soon after he get know that he will be father, abbadon her and his small daughter. She grew up being a light to many, was kind caring, lovely and friendly to basically everyone she encountered. She has a passion for dancing and and making people laugh and smile. This drag attention of hers father. She beg hers mom to let her live with him which is what drover her into joining her family circus. She trained and studied to be an acrobat and jester to spread her her love of dancing and to keep bringing smiles to those around her. In her free time she enjoyed singing metal music (even though she wasnt good at it) and at some point took up shooting large caliber rifles as more of a sport then anything else. Then life made a turn for the worst, in hers 19 years of live, a virus of epic paportions hit the country causing Barbora and her father to lock themselves away in there well sized and mostly stocked house in Chernogorsk. She hated being locked in her room, not even allowed to see what was going on outside, she was tired of it so she rebeled. On a dark night after weeks of planning she made her move, she gathered the supplies she had set for herself and left home, leaving only a note to her father behind her. She was small and very sneaky which made her ability to get around the walking dead her biggest strong point, but her dislike for hurting others was also her weakness. She survived, on her own and once in a while getting herself trapped in tough spots with almost no hope of getting out, but she always had hope and kept fighting, wanting to do what she had done for so long, spreading her love and smiles to those who need it most.
  7. I think you should return your driving license
  8. Rinkatorin


    Katarzyna Zientek Walczyszka
  9. Katarzyna Zientek Walczyszka's POV: We was Vybor Military Camp when I hear Mr. Onion @OnionRP speaking to someone because I was next to building where everything happen. Than he told ,,Why are you pointing weapons...". I rush into building in attempt to save my buddy, I start shooting to that two persons, I killed one and that get killed by second one.
  10. Is that Deuce on your prof song? 👀

    1. Rinkatorin


      Yes, Deuce - Let's get it cracking. 🙂 I like that song.

  11. *Radio of Georgia come to live once more again with familiar voice she know* Sweet holly god Georgia, what happen? Is Red ok? Did he will make it? Contact me if you will need anything I give you my personal word that I will do what ever I can to help Red as same as he help me. Nechť bůh chrání tebe, tvého manžela a tvé dítě *She let out long sight* Lets hope we will see that Mr. Austin and Mr. Joseph thru our scopes of sniper rifles next time, few seconds before theirs souls will be send to final judgment *Radio go silent with strange interference*
  12. I can say with a clear conscience and for 100% sure that there was @Alkis for whole time of my RP. Mean from start of my RP to dead of @MrMelons. I was not witness of capturing of @MrMelons Sadly I don´t remember for sure other persons, who were present, because for first I pay fully attention to my PR, and for second because a chaos that was around. I think maybe @GothGrandmother was one of them but I am really not sure. EDIt: @GothGrandmother was not there.
  13. PoV of Katarzyna Zientek Walczyszka: I run down from Komarovo and Balota back to Chernogorsk to our base, when my friends said (in discord) something about our group is getting attacked. I ask IC way who attack us and if they recognize their faces. They said their recognize attackers by their outfits. I arriwed to place which has been flagged by my friends of place where that attackers take cover. I lay down at railway across the Church and carefully observe situation. I beliwe that I can be seen in video of @Aristocrat. Then I spotted someone in black running around me so I stand up and kill that person. But sadly it turn to be one man from my group. Than I decide to run to our base, when another man from my group say that he captive one of the attackers. I run there and start my revange RP, during which I ask about permision to take eye of that prisoner. But sadly this prisoner in the end die I belive because sickness, even though we provide him with water food and medicine. Than I went to helpdesk to get contact on that prisoner to give him my personal apologize for that unhappy ending of good RP.
  14. Ok I know I will gain only another wave of hate toward me but ..... I really don't understand why people throw so much hate and shadows here ower such ,, SMALL,, thing. DayZ suppose to be a POSTAPOCALYPTIC world - that not mean that you will run into town and everybody will welcome you with open arms. You have to FIGHT to survive. Everybody can do what they want, that mean if some group here decide to try block all wells, ok Yours decision. In other hands they cannot expect that people will sit and just agree, they want to be free, so they will fight to take down that group, which want try to implement their own laws, as already happen with attempt implement rifle licenses. And what more, if you expect that you will run to town which have well blocked you can just take few more bottles with you, or everybody lately have BIG backpacks, maybe try not stuff that backpack with ammo and M4s, which will be likely taken from you anyway, and put there axe or crowbar? And to be honest ...... That group which try to block that wells not do great job ..... Cuz in most cases you are still able to drink from that well anyway
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