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  1. 10/10 DayZRP just got that much better
  2. Glad to be apart of the brotherhood and looking forward to awesome rp.
  3. Excited to be in the V2 of this group! Woot woot!
  4. Beautiful and brilliant voice! I also think the song themes well with our group. I know who sang the song but she shall not be named. Slava 5.0.3!
  5. I don't have any badges but I gotta catch em all then
  6. Looking forward to joining you guys. Slava 5.0.3!!!
  7. LMAO, I like your compiled videos. You are a pretty funny guy to RP with. BTW, It's not Mr. Johnson it's Mr. Pinkerton
  8. More hostile RP please! Looking forward to this group coming back.
  9. SnozzLR

    The Mob

    @VikingHunter,take care man. It was nice working with you in the mob. I wish you the best.
  10. Snozz's POV: I played at least 7-8 hours + on the server, going from Myshkino area to Cherno on foot. Looked around for food and ammo for my group. Brought guns to my fellow group members from our stash spot. Then once we were situated in Cherno we were on a hunt for a specific group in that we had interest in RPing with. Never found that group, so we then encounter some hostile guy in Balota Airfield. After we took the guy captive, we RP’ed with him as a hostage for a while and headed to Pavlovo after to wait out the 30 minutes. My character needed water badly and didn’t realize there was a base there fencing off a water spicket. We talked to the people there, explained to them who we are and about our credit system. Ronnie mainly explained the credit system to this person running the fort. I was outside the fort guarding the entrance, and then all the sudden I was told in comms about 10 people are entering the town and taking positions with guns out. With the way this group approached us, we knew we would possibly get in a long-standing fire fight, of which we've been in five times in the last few days. So, we decided to run off. I heard Noah Russo was taken hostage over the radio but we were already logged off and it was too late for us to return. My apologies if this appeared like we were avoiding you, but with the information given to us in comms we took action on an IC premise.
  11. SnozzLR

    The Mob

    YEEEEAAH BOYYYY!!! "Slava the mob!"
  12. SnozzLR

    The Mob

    Thank you @Ronnie for bringing me in. This roster and group looks epic! Hope to see it added.
  13. Let me know what footage I need to provide. I will clip and provide as much as we need.
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