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  1. Beautiful and brilliant voice! I also think the song themes well with our group. I know who sang the song but she shall not be named. Slava 5.0.3!
  2. I don't have any badges but I gotta catch em all then
  3. Looking forward to joining you guys. Slava 5.0.3!!!
  4. LMAO, I like your compiled videos. You are a pretty funny guy to RP with. BTW, It's not Mr. Johnson it's Mr. Pinkerton
  5. More hostile RP please! Looking forward to this group coming back.
  6. SnozzLR

    The Mob

    @VikingHunter,take care man. It was nice working with you in the mob. I wish you the best.
  7. Snozz's POV: I played at least 7-8 hours + on the server, going from Myshkino area to Cherno on foot. Looked around for food and ammo for my group. Brought guns to my fellow group members from our stash spot. Then once we were situated in Cherno we were on a hunt for a specific group in that we had interest in RPing with. Never found that group, so we then encounter some hostile guy in Balota Airfield. After we took the guy captive, we RP’ed with him as a hostage for a while and headed to Pavlovo after to wait out the 30 minutes. My character needed water badly and didn’t realize there was a base there fencing off a water spicket. We talked to the people there, explained to them who we are and about our credit system. Ronnie mainly explained the credit system to this person running the fort. I was outside the fort guarding the entrance, and then all the sudden I was told in comms about 10 people are entering the town and taking positions with guns out. With the way this group approached us, we knew we would possibly get in a long-standing fire fight, of which we've been in five times in the last few days. So, we decided to run off. I heard Noah Russo was taken hostage over the radio but we were already logged off and it was too late for us to return. My apologies if this appeared like we were avoiding you, but with the information given to us in comms we took action on an IC premise.
  8. SnozzLR

    The Mob

    YEEEEAAH BOYYYY!!! "Slava the mob!"
  9. SnozzLR

    The Mob

    Thank you @Ronnie for bringing me in. This roster and group looks epic! Hope to see it added.
  10. Let me know what footage I need to provide. I will clip and provide as much as we need.
  11. My POV: After Ryker tried to talk it out and get his NVG's back. We both left the License camp and as we were running away Ryker stated, "this system is retarded". Then one of the guys at the front gate heard Ryker state that. The group then chases us down, they shoot off a warning shot to get our attention then we both stop. They then ask, "Who is talking shit?" I then let Ryker handle it and talk it out with them in RP. Ryker tells them you guys just stole my NVG's. Then Demetri goes up, and starts punching him out. A few other members proceed to hitting Ryker with their rifles too not just fist. I'm just sitting there watching this all happen hopelessly. Eventually there is a period they stop hitting him. Then as they are about to rob me and take my stuff. One of the members of the group continue to hit Ryker as they tell him to leave. Then he gets killed and everyone reacts and starts looting his body. If you watch the video from the post. Most of my POV is connected to what I'm stating.
  12. @Roland, I see your point about Windows and the current bare metal setup you have. Nice to see you have specs like: "CPU overclocked to 5GHz, lots of fast DDR4 RAM and NVMe drives". Maybe currently what you have is suffice for 2 servers. I was kind of looking forward to the future of DayZRP and being able to do more then just 2 servers. Also being able to run more automation with your current setup so there is less time for you to spend. I see CF Tools: https://cftools.de/ is using OmegaManager to pretty much drive the automation for your deployments and manage your game server. Could CF Tools tie into a plugin for your CI/CD tool like the mods are currently? I would suggest centralizing everything so it's all in one place to kick off jobs/tasks in your CI/CD. As for performance, I'm just wondering if what we currently have is really the best. Cloud examples: AWS GameLift pricing: https://aws.amazon.com/gamelift/pricing/ VS https://upcloud.com/products/cloud-server/ There are a lot of options available for cloud servers on Amazon and other cloud providers. Is that bare metal setup really the only option for the best results even with current server standings? What if that bare metal server breaks? Do you have a Data Center that will fix that for you in a timely fashion or is it in your own home? I know this is not a AAA game company but I figured if you want to surpass just 2 servers and go further you may want to revisit this in the future. All in all I can only offer a suggestive approach, you don't have to take my professional view of how to run your servers.
  13. Hi DayZRP Server Admins, As an experienced Devops engineer (Cloud and On-Prem), I have a suggestive approach to modernizing the way we host DayZ servers. Using Docker, Kubernetes and using AWS, Azure or GCP as a scalable cloud solution. I believe at the very least it's worth looking into and researching. This may improve performance and save cost. Here is why: Why would we want to run game servers on this platform? 1. Scaling game servers can be a big challenge with proprietary software, with containers and Kubernetes. Software containers and orchestration like Kubernetes should make it much more simplistic with less hard coding. 2. Containers give a single deploy artifact that can be used to run game servers. This removes the need to install dependencies or configure machines during deployment, as well as greatly increases confidence that software will run the same on development and testing as it will in production. 3. The combination of software containers (like docker) and Kubernetes lets us build on top of a solid foundation for running essentially any type of software at scale – from deployment, health checking, log aggregation, scaling and more, with APIs to control these things at almost all levels. 4. At its core, Kubernetes is really just a cluster management solution that works for almost any type of software. Running dedicated games at scale requires us to manage game server processes across a cluster of machines – so we can take advantage of the work already done in this area, and just tailor it to fit our specific need. 5. Should everything be dockerized? No, Relational and Non-Relational Databases for example should not be dockerized due to high amounts of maintenance behind it. If I was using the cloud for example AWS, I'd use Amazon RDS (Relational), DynamoDB (Non-Relational) and Elastic Cache (Redis or Memcache). You can then Peer those connections to your VPC network and talk to EKS (Kubernetes). What is Docker and Kubernetes? Docker is a process running on a OS. It is NOT a VM or a VM replacement. It's a headless container that can be scaled and updated by the Docker file or image it is published on. Kubernetes is a orchestration management tool that provides resources to the container. (Example of resources: Persistent volume storage, Load Balancers, Worker Nodes (VM's), IP route tables, Network Gateways, Virtual Gateways, Peering and etc.) There are also different flavors of Kubernetes: PKS (Pivotal), EKS (Amazon ECS), AKS (Azure), GKE (Google) and Minikube (Local machine). Why Linux over Windows for a server? There are a lot more engineers out there that can work with Linux OS over Windows. Windows original design is very clunky for running servers. You have to know work arounds for CMD and Powershell Modules. Windows doesn't have true bash/sh/terminal built-in like Linux and Windows runs horrible with Docker. With Linux it's just pure terminal and the utils & packages that come with Linux are arguable more effective and efficient with it's libraries and dependencies built in ready to go. Automation and maintenance will benefit substantially if you make this change. Especially if your goal is to commercialize your servers. Possible areas to look into: 1. Should we use the cloud or bare metal? If you want to scale up your servers and scale down with automation. The cloud provides more benefit and cost then using bare metal solution. It's worth comparing a cost analysis on what would fit for DayZRP. 2. Spin up a test environment server with the following methods below and research if this is something worth trying: - Dockerized Dayz (Open Source): https://github.com/icedream/docker-dayzserver - Using Linux instead of Windows using Wine: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/9h6x5u/dayz_server_on_linux/ (Maybe wait until Bohemia provides Linux support for servers? Not sure when that will happen...) - If Wine isn't do able for Linux on Windows, maybe see if Windows Developer mode enabled will allow you to use Ubuntu? I hear it comes out of the box with Windows 2016 Servers. I believe the biggest challenge really is just figuring out a work around for getting Linux to host DayZ. Once that is done, we can then start to take the approach in "modernizing" with Docker and Kubernetes. I hope this post gives a little more incite to those currently managing and engineering the DayZRP servers. If we can do this, we might be able to stand out more against other RP servers. - Snozz
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