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  1. As in the title, i feel like this game needs a flare gun, for general S.O.S. and RP needs. Example of how this can be used. When you are trapped by hostile players, you bluff that you have much more friends nearby. Shoot out a flare and 2 other flares are shootout in response from 3 places around you. The bandits have second thoughts.
  2. oh man i wish i had readed this before, i could polish up a bit my backstory, im rather confident in my whitelist app, every time it will get rejected i will improve it
  3. Honor and Glory to you Shōgun Daisaku Musashi may you live the life of a thousand lives. May each of your Daimyō find honorable embrace of death in service to you and the Empire. May each Bushō shine as a sun in mid day as an example to each honorable Gunsō and Samurai. I find this thread inspiring - elevated standards beyond any expectations, that does prove how i had to lower my bar in terms of quality of gameplay over the years. I give you my word i will perfect myself in combat of Arma II to one day, once i join the server and hopefully the Teikoku Doragonzu i will be a valued addition to the army as well as to the Empire. /edit #1 on a side note i was under the impression im done with my Total War Shogun II addiction with its multiplayer darn this thred proved me SO wrong, i do have something to do until ill get accepted
  4. So nice, thanks guys! For first couple of days(or weeks) im most likely to go around gather my RP stuff, avoiding contact, spying on all the bases etc. Just to get a general rundown. Char Hint #1 James strongly dislikes firearms, in years past he was saw only twice with a gun in hand.
  5. Hello there all ye who browse, i -if granted the privledge- intend to play an alienated survivalist that considers himself neutral in any human conflicts - with a solid back story and a developed character - Can't disclose too much though I do hope to see you all in game as this is what i belive to be the ultimate crpg experience i fail to find in any other DayZ server Cheers!