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  1. My character is going to be named Jack Larson (my name), he was a lead guitarist for a decently sized rock band touring the world and enjoying the road life before the outbreak. He had it all, the girls, the money, and all the fame, also a slight cocaine addiction, which resulted in months of painful withdrawal. His band was called The Moscow Mules, An american Jam band extremely big in eastern Europe and Russia, but not so popular in America. As the band stopped in Chernarus for a 3 night run on July 4-6, things began to get weird and slightly dangerous for them. After the shows they were quarantined due to the zombie outbreak. Within the next week Jack's band mates began falling ill to the infection and eventually started to turn. Jack was faced with a gruesome and extremely emotional task of putting down his brothers. Ever since then he has been a man of few words. After Jack was left alone he began heading north to get as far away as possible to search for supplies and a somewhat fresh start. After years of surviving on his own, Jack has band together with fellow survivors working together to insure their survival and building a new home.
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