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  1. Ryan Philips is a 22 year old who grew up in a working class neighborhood. He was raised by his father, due to his mother abandoning them when he was a baby. Physically, Ryan is in pretty good shape, he is tall with bronze skin, black hair and brown eyes. His best friend is called Mustard because his head is shaped like a bottle of Mustard. They were inseparable buds. Ryan, his father, and Mustard hopped on a plane for a conference in Chernarus. Throughout the week of the meeting, news was breaking out everywhere of a fast spreading virus without a cure. The three were panicking as days passed, and more airports and businesses began closing due to rampage throughout the world. Within a matter of five weeks the virus spread to the small city of Chernarus where they where. Rations were thin and havoc was taking place all over the streets. Ryan’s father was killed trying to steal food for the boys. It was just Ryan and Mustard, so they decided to go somewhere more safe. They heard about a safe heaven only 2 kilometers north so they decided to pack up the dads handgun and head out. But only after half a mile the the two came across a group a bandits that robbed them for the gun and all their supplies. They were determined to make it to the safe zone though so they kept on moving. Only 10 more minutes to the safe zone and the two were swarmed by the dead. Mustard sacrificed himself for Ryan to live, and Mustard turned. Ryan made it alive, but needs to help others so no one else ends up like his father or another Mustard.
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