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  1. Corporal Charles 'Chuck' Blackwood was a U.S Marine and part of the initial wave of troops (marines) sent to Elektrozavodsk to reinforce the CDF during the initial hostilities, and was later re-purposed to defend the line that protected Elektrozavodsk proper. In an effort to make sure the last of the survivors were brought to safety, Corporal Blackwood, along with the rest of his platoon, remained during the exodus, which ultimately caused him to miss his opportunity to evacuate the region himself. His goal now within Chernarus is to re-establish communication with the forward base on Utes, and find his way home, if there's even anything left of it.
  2. Ryler Sobakin, a middle-aged veterinarian who was originally from Chernogorsk. His family, namely his older parents and wife were infected, and as a result the CDF (and likely NATO) stormed through the block, taking them out, as well as any other infected that Ryon might have once known. Consequently, this causes him to resent the military forces, even after the military has fallen thin and rare within Southern Zagoria. Though he'd still hold on to the humanity he knew before the outbreak, trying his best with the knowledge he'd kept to help those who deserved it, or just do good where he was able to, without the intervention of the military - as they had failed in his eyes to protect the people. Of course, being a veterinarian doesn't translate over to knowing how to completely save someone, his goal is to advance his studies to help people, with the advancement of knowing most of the medicines and such that would be necessary to begin with.
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