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  1. Sorry, I have been a bit busy, but my complete recount: We were clearing out the NWAF, as stated, and we moved up along the east side. I stayed back and got on the radio, climbing up the large industrial building at the North Eastern side, keeping a lookout for people. To be honest, I didn't even see where their group came from when our group was in the tent city area, but when I looked down and saw them all, I radio'd and asked if they needed help, to which, I got no response, but I heard @ThePizzaMan and @Outlawe over the radio. I called in for Frenchy (who also wasn't there for the entirety), and I had a shotgun so I figured if something happened I ought to be down there, so I climbed down and moved towards them. I reached the H-barriers at the edge of tent city and heard a barrage of gunshots. I ran in pretty much at the end, with about 5-6 dead bodies and just me and @Outlawe left. I dropped my shotgun, grabbed an AK and an M4 (the AK was deleted by the admin after the event), and then Frenchy arrived. The three of us then left the airfield after securing all the loot we could. As far as I recall, @Outlawe was telling our group to ask them questions, find out who they are, see if they know anything about the groups in the area that have been causing trouble for people. After what I gathered was pretty docile conversation @ThePizzaMan told them, which I heard over the radio as I was moving over, to set their radios down. I didn't hear the reply, but he said again, [Aussie accent]: 'Drop your radios on the ground for us', once more there was no reply, and finally he said "Lads drop the radios right now", and that's when the gunfire began. Two things that I found interesting enough to note, the conversation was pretty normal. There weren't any hostilities from our group or demands until @ThePizzaMan told them to drop their radios, and at the first moment of a demand, the other party immediately opened fire. The second, which I don't honestly know if it was them, was that people were very obviously loot cycling the area, and the server wasn't up past a restart very long. From the point that @ThePizzaMan told them to drop the radios to the point where the three of them (Larsons + Dunning) were gunned down, there were mere seconds, so it was quite obvious they had no reply or intention of replying, and opted to just try and kill them.
  2. Ryon was born into a wealthy family; living a life of luxury and charity. From a young age he enjoyed sports and traveling, so much so that the moment he left high school, he put his studies off to travel the world. His travels brought him, and the cruise liner he was on, right into South Zagoria, where he now struggles to cope with the harsh environment, fallen society, and the infection itself. His goal is to find a way home, if that's at all possible, or live long enough to contact the world outside. (WIP)
  3. Corporal Charles 'Chuck' Blackwood was a U.S Marine and part of the initial wave of troops (marines) sent to Elektrozavodsk to reinforce the CDF during the initial hostilities, and was later re-purposed to defend the line that protected Elektrozavodsk proper. In an effort to make sure the last of the survivors were brought to safety, Corporal Blackwood, along with the rest of his platoon, remained during the exodus, which ultimately caused him to miss his opportunity to evacuate the region himself. His goal now within Chernarus is to re-establish communication with the forward base on Utes, and find his way home, if there's even anything left of it.
  4. Ryler Sobakin, a middle-aged veterinarian who was originally from Chernogorsk. His family, namely his older parents and wife were infected, and as a result the CDF (and likely NATO) stormed through the block, taking them out, as well as any other infected that Ryon might have once known. Consequently, this causes him to resent the military forces, even after the military has fallen thin and rare within Southern Zagoria. Though he'd still hold on to the humanity he knew before the outbreak, trying his best with the knowledge he'd kept to help those who deserved it, or just do good where he was able to, without the intervention of the military - as they had failed in his eyes to protect the people. Of course, being a veterinarian doesn't translate over to knowing how to completely save someone, his goal is to advance his studies to help people, with the advancement of knowing most of the medicines and such that would be necessary to begin with.
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