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  1. I will be playing as Tom Melzoni, my actual name. Tom was a 19 year old before the outbreak and was enlisting in the Marines. When he got to training they pulled him out and sent him to Chernarus. Once he was defending Elektrozavodsk, which was not a city he was loyal to, he decided he didn't want to do this anymore. Him and a group of others that knew if they stayed in the war, they would end up dead, so they left. They left Elektrozavodsk and headed north into the countryside. After living off rations and abandoned building, they headed to see if Elektrozavodsk was still okay. After seeing there was nobody left, their morale was low and many in the group committed suicide. They had lost all hope and many turned to alcohol to help. They were rowdy one night and attracted a group of infected that took over the group. Tom and a small group got out and have been living in the wilderness for 2 years now. They do what they need to do to survive. They will rob and steal anything they need. They do not lose a minute of sleep if they have to take a life but always do it to better themselves or someone in the group's.
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