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  1. Name: Clayton Zane Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Weight: 190 lbs Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Pre-Outbreak Profession: US Army Ranger, 75th Regiment Demeanor in Three Words: Loyal, Determined, Honorable
  2. *While searching for food or valuables in the desks of the American Embassy downtown Chernogorsk you find a file taped underneath a desk. The brown envelope is marked with a "Top Secret"-stamp. Out of curiosity you open the file where you find a character profile, when turning the pages you notice all the information has been blacked out by a marker. There is no way to recover the intel. Intrigued, you turn back to the first page and start reading* *You find no picture or any other information of this person and come to the conclusion that he most likely isn't anywhere near this damn country, or has become one of those monsters wandering the streets. You throw the file down and continue your search for supplies* This is a complete overhaul from the character background I posted in my 'Hello' post. I do hope you guys like it and want to 'discover' more files, audio cassettes, etc.. in the future regarding my chars background and why he's in Chernarus. Feel free to comment.
  3. Clayton Zane's history Zane was born in London, England. His father was a diplomat working for the British government. When Zane was five he moved to Chernogorsk because his father got stationed at the British Consulate downtown. Having a very difficult childhood Clayton ran away and broke all ties with his family. He lived on the streets for a while, then started working at the metal plant in Cherno's industrial zone. Years went by and he worked his way up to foreman. His personal life got on rails too. He met his beautiful blonde girlfriend, Jennifer and after some time living together they finally got their first child; a son named Jackson. Day Zero Under Construction Feel free to comment and give your thoughts on my background. I have zero writing skills so forgive my errors ;-)
  4. Yay, got approved. I'm working on my full background story so bear with me Thanks for the hearty welcomes!
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year from Belgium!
  6. Hey there folks! As you might have guessed, I'm a new guy on the DayZRP block. Well, not entirely new, I've applied for a whitelisting a couple of months ago but couldn't really get into roleplaying due to time constraints (work, kids, girl, sports, ...) but now I'm back and finally have some time to dedicate to survive the apocalyptic horror that happened in Chernarus. I have some experience playing regular DayZ back when the mod was released, it was a whole load of fun but the lack of a 'gentlemens agreement' ruined that experience for me. A roleplaying community is a lot more mature and therefor I applied for whitelisting here once again. I see that the regular RP mod is broken, or that's what I've read at least so you will most likely find me in the Epoch server. I've got no idea what the Epoch mod really is but I'm sure I'll find out! If you have any question, feel free to ask them! See you out in the field
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    DayZRP Epoch Rolling Changelog 1.1.5 Redone

    Aha, that explains why I couldn't log in when first trying. As someone said above me, slow and steady