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  1. Ben Larson was from Kansas City, Kansas. He had recently enlisted in the US Marines before the outbreak. As the world became aware of the situation developing around the world, the US government quickly exhausted all of its military prowess to protect its assets, leaving only those still in training to be deployed in remote locations, such as Chernarus. So after just a few months of training, Ben found himself defending Elektrozavodsk, which he had no loyalty to. After just two days of defending a foreign city from an unbeatable threat, he knew that he and his companions would not last within the city limits. On the night of July 19th, 2017, Ben and a few others crept out of the Elektrozavodsk encampment and headed north into the countryside. After weeks of living off farm rations and abandoned settlements, Ben and his group of deserters decided to head back to Elektro to check on the situation. From afar, it was clear the city and his inhabitants were beyond saving. The morale of the group plummeted, and several of them committed suicide out of loss of hope. At night, the remaining group members regularly became reckless, over indulging of booze and making too much noise out of stupidity and grief. It wasn't long until the noise attracted a herd of infected, which easily overwhelmed the drunk marine recruits. In a haze of fear, Ben and some others ran off into the woods to escape the threat, losing his companions and gear in the process, Ben was forced to start anew in a foreign land. Nearly two years later, Ben has become a hardened survivor accustomed to providing for himself, while desperately searching for a way home. Just last week, Ben investigated the last known lead on a working plane to escape Chernarus. Discovering nothing but scrap, Ben gave up all hope at returning home, and turned his attention to building a new home.
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