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  1. Dr.Jager and Maddox planing there route. Dr.Jager and friends talk while it rains outside. Ronnie and Mitch arguing like brothers Ronnie and Mitch enjoying a view Ronnie and Mitch enjoying the view Post with some screenshots from your adventures
  2. @Xehara And I do, like I said earlier. even tho we were being robbed and OOC is was angry. My friend and I still made the RP enjoyable. Saying stuff like, "Mitch I fuckin love you, remember mas burnt spaghetti and how dad knocked her the fuck out for that. I'm gonna miss that shit." Mitch being my characters brother, and the guy taking us hostage just hit me with a spiked bat. That's just one situation, like yesterday we were at Stary Sober, and just looted the mili there and planned to head to NW. We run into a guy on the way there, talk to him for a min. My friend then is like. "Hey Ronnie want to pitch a ball for ya, this mans whats yous all about." We then RP him throwing and I missing it. Then we yell at each other for him "throwing" the ball wrong and we fist fight like brothers. Before my friend goes. "Want me to go get the ball? Id have to run to Elektro." Me and the other guy start laughing our asses off. And take a min before getting back into character.
  3. @Samaritan I'm aware of that, if y'all read what I said prior. https://gyazo.com/8a77fa4a05fa9f2ee3839befb3dcca51 @NozzyRP @Samaritan And I do think IC majority of the time. This was something we thought of OOC after we got off yesterday. 95% of my RP is improvised and for the situation.
  4. @BeniWhat I meant by "civilized." Is like a modern world. Not apocalyptic.
  5. @lukaszxeI don't my RP is at all better than everyone. I'm just saying, some people should idk be interesting. Maybe i'm asking for to much and im sorry if I am. @SoloYou're right honestly. Maybe it's because I come from playing, Arma 2/3 and GTA 5 RP where the setting is more civilized. Not apocalyptic, i'll keep that in mind.
  6. @KencoBlaze12I never said, everyone has shit RP. And the thing is with that situation I told above. We ended up getting almost all of our shit back. And our characters living. So it ended up well for us.
  7. @Dustup Very true with it maybe disrupting players. But we had the "stereo," on for maybe 5secs before we had to character fall over.
  8. @Solo And I 100% agree. I just need to find those diamonds in the ruff lol
  9. @NozzyRP I have yet to run into an Italian dude, maybe create a someone who was a act in a circus. And have them preform everyone else in a while. I ran into a guy who was mute, but played the guitar. Anything works, just be effort instead of repeating others. Bo Burnham made a song called, "Repeat stuff." And I think it fits well here. The general idea of the song was how every pop artist makes the same love song over and over because it's popular. In this scenario it's people repeating the same character. Stand out, be unique.
  10. @YNW Dusty Not thinking i'm better than anyone at all. When I was Dr.Jager, I was in Camp Hope. And met a guy who had a amazing character with a great story. And we just sat there for like 30mins. Just talking about our characters story. Be interesting is what i'm saying. Stop with the ex-military shit. Not everyone has to be that.
  11. @Beni I wrote that yes, but so far. Both characters fight each others and argue with themselves. More then they have to others. It's hard to write all what I want to show you Beni. You'll just have to see me in game and experience it for yourself. I'm not the best at story writing, don't go off t hat wrote it in like 10mins. Read the one I wrote for Dr.Jager, put a lot of time/work to make a quick good story. I'll rewrite Ronnie's story, and get back to you
  12. @Ouromov I agree, and don't mind stuff going that way. The characters Ronnie and his brother Mitch have had a lot of adventures only being created about 3-4 days ago. And I touched someone enough that on the 1st day we made the character. He makes a comments on my characters page saying how great the RP was.
  13. @Beni Listen, my "story" isn't that great. I wrote a better one for my 1st character. But I don't go purely off my story. I'll say tid bits here, but adapt to the situation and make it entertaining.
  14. Hey guys, I RP as Ronnie Maddox and i'm making a post to talk about how some of y'all need to learn to RP better. I RP with a friend who's my "brother" when we RP we have tons of fun and create amazing experiences for other players. However, we arrive at Camp Hope earlier today. Knowing from an old character I used RP as Dr.Jager, that the people are nice and chill. However my friend and I planned a funny bit. Where he would RP into the camp with his stereo on, and he trips. Then my character yells at him. Funny af, but for some reason. Everyone up north seems to be a RPing as a "hard" motherfucker. And as soon as we get there do the funny bit, RP hitting on Dr.Hope, these two guys tell us to come with them. And we knew something was up and said nah, but then they asked Dr.Hope if they could rob us here. So they held us up, and took us to the pharmacy near by, and well robbed us. But during there robbery, these people RPing as a group of Russians came and held them up and ended up killing them. These Russian even tho with initial bad intentions for us. Actually ended up providing fun RP. What i'm trying to say is, I see so many of this ex-military RP where the guy or girl is a hard ass. And acts to tough and alpha. Learn to RP as something fun, it's a RP server be creative ffs. Stop repeating the same shit over and over. I know y'all get bored on these DayZ RP servers and look for ANY reason to rob/kill someone. At least have some fun with it, like we were getting robbed. And even tho we were mad obviously. We still were making great RP and making them laugh saying shit like, "You got pillows on your hands, shit was weak." And we hear to guy start laughing before getting back in character. TLDR, stop with this unfun RP characters, and make something interesting.
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