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  1. Born in Dolina, Lev was actually quite a tall guy for his teenage years, who was probably the biggest in his class if that. He grew up on a farm just bearing south of Dolina and was always a helpful hand around the farm, he would help his dad out on many occasions and had alot of respect and dignity for his father. His Father Alexander was quite the chum, he would always been called the ''Friendly Giant'' in his home town, he was always caring and liked to help the locals a lot, he would always try to put food on the table every day. The Dashenka family didn't have much, they were quite a poor family actually, there main income was from selling chicken eggs and milk from their local. It all started on a breezy day in dolina, the clouds were soaking with rain and the grass was swaying from left to right, Lev woke up that one morning and noticed an Odd figure standing at the gate of his fathers farm, he went out to investigate and fount out that the Odd figure was infact a Russian Soldier with his weapon unslung, he called the boy over telling him what had happend these past few days and urgently told him to get his father. Alexander came down from the barn explaining that he had seen weird figure lingering through the woods, the soldier explained that a Virus of some kind had broken out and that him and his family must be evacuated immediately. The following few hours were long ones, they packed everything they needed and took a ride to the nearest camp/settlement available they thought at first the whole situation was a hoax but shortly after they arrived at the camp, they could hear screams and children crying within the compound, Lev's heart sank he knew that the situation had grew the rusted gates were pummled open, watch towers on either side with beaming bright lights to go with it, armed men with heavy machine guns posted up on the watch towers, Lev knew something wasn't right he began asking around the camp on what had happen and was explained horrific stories of loved ones being ''Eaten alive'' or either being shot to dead by the local Bandits. After Lev and his family was settled in, Lev began wondering off looking for supplies for his family, it was said that the Youngest/Fittest person should go out on these ''Runs'' and Lev was the one who volunteered, he would rummage through bins to empty fridges hoping to find a bite to eat when all but one ''Run'' turned the worst for him, he heard a crackling noise come from the front door, he went to investigate before the door came flying off, being booted off by one of the men. He stumbled getting back up making a run for it before he tripped once more being surrounded by these men in bandana's and ski mask donned with base ball bats to fully automatic Chernarussian Kalashnikovs, they sat Lev down tieing him up explaining to him that if he didn't help these ''Bandits'' they would kill him. The bandits explained that the camp had been overrun overnight by a group of infected, they explained that most people in the camp were mince meat or barely got out alive, he then had no other option but to help these ''mysterious men'' and decided that it was the best option for him, he was young and fit and had a decent amount of strength, they told him that if he were to go lingering out alone in these streets, he'll be dead within a week. Lev had been with these so called ''Bandits'' for a week now, he was infact making a very slow bond with the men, they teached him how to rob people and how the world has changed ever since the incident had happend, I suppose in fact it was every man for themselves and Lev decided to join the men into their group, they made him one of them Lev felt quite privileged of being accepted into a ''Family'' they called it, he enjoyed getting what he wanted from people but in reality Lev wanted to find his Parents, he hoped they made it outta of that camp he was stuck in for a week so he decided to go with these men until he stumbled into his Family.
  2. Cal Davidson was born in SouthEast London, born to a Russian Mother with a British father by her side. Cal was a unique kid in a way, he was very outgoing and loved the outside, his dad would take him out for walks along the Thames and even treat him to various things Cal liked. His father born and bread in East End, was a Mechanic for a living, he owned his own shop in Bromley and loved fixing cars, Cal would occasionally go and give his dad a hand on the weekend and loved learning new things by the minute. But their was always one person he looked up too, his brother James. James was in the Royal Marines and Cal loved the idea of being a Marine when he was older, he would always keep his head down in school and do the best to make his mother proud and also his father. When Cal was 18 his Mothers Father felt sick, and they decided to fly over to Russia to meet him, Albert was Cal's grandfather and proud soviet who fought in the second world war, he lived just East of Mogilevka and ran a local farm, he would breed cow and also milk them for his job, it wasn't such a good living but Albert was always a helping hand in the local town despite his age. Word ran out that North of Mogilevka that a Viral Epidemic had broken out and crazy people were on the loose, despite Cal's grandfather being in hospital many patients with the disease would burst thorough the bay doors on stretchers coughing blood and screaming at the top of their lungs, the nurses and doctors didn't have a clue what was going on, Cal was shocked at the things he saw and wanted to go home, but due to the outbreak being so widely broken out across the nation, flights and various other transport was cancelled until further notice.
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