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  1. Noah_G

    S1: Griefing, Summer Camp near Devil's Castle - 2019/04/24, Between 00:00 and 03:00

    Like I said, I have never been inside the base. If you track the coordinates to the exact location on the map you will see that it isn't at their base. Also, after being in their base multiple times, there is really no way I could take fall damage in it. There is a water tower, but they have enclosed it is impossible to get in. Can you also check the logs for items? Peril said that the tent got dumped out and I never touched any items in my encounter.
  2. Noah_G

    S1: Griefing, Summer Camp near Devil's Castle - 2019/04/24, Between 00:00 and 03:00

    Hey, I can completely clarify that I was never inside that base before I met with the owners after this said event. In the town north of this enclosure, I believe it was severograd, there is a massive red warehouse. Inside this was a car with all components besides a spark plug, and it was inside of a car tent. There were no items inside of the car tent, and I packed it up. I had no use for the tent, and since there is a massive speed deduction when holding car tents, I just placed it back down. The reason I came across their camp in the first place was because of an interaction I had with the group Gen-Z. On the way to some town in the south with the group, I logged out in the woods because I was going to stop playing. Upon relogging the next day, I noticed that I had logged almost right next to this enclosure. I didn't really think anything of it because when I looked over a wall, no one was inside. I just kept moving after that. I am not 100% sure but I am quite confident this happened after this event. The only people I know that could have possibly done anything were Gen-Z, but they were in a group of 7 and were roleplaying with a suicidal character. I doubt they even stopped near the camp, let alone griefed it. I hope I was of some help.
  3. Born and raised in New York, Noah was just an average kid until the end of the world seemingly came out of nowhere. When the word of the undead rising began to spread, he and his family immediatly booked a flight to Chernarus in hopes of settling in a barren area with no risk of death. Obviously, this choice bit them in the ass when they discovered that Chernarus fell with the rest of the world. As days passed, Noah became accustomed to the wasteland. This was until he discovered his entire family brutally murdered inside of their camp after returning from a looting trip. Instead of losing hope or motive, a sense of morality was destroyed. Noah will spend the rest of his days doing what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. The needs of others never go before the wants of his own, and his fate may be determined by how he is feeling on a particular morning.
  4. I accidentally fell into this player enclosed compound and there is literally no way for me to get out. Do I just starve to death?
  5. Brian Dougheny is an American who immigrated to Russia to see his distant relatives right before the outbreak. After 2 weeks surviving with his family, Brian will one day come home from a looting trip to find most of his family brutally murdered by zeds- or humans. The single member missing is his sister, Joanna, who visited alongside her brother to connect with their family. Brian sets out as a timid, emotional, and weak man, but as the days pass, he becomes accustomed to the cruel reality he must face without his family. This slowly deteriorates his weak personality, and turns him into a careless man that is motivated by a single factor: the possibility of finding his sister. Survival slowly became a way of life, not a mindset he pushed himself to accustom to. He could never leave Chernarus without the closure of his sister's fate.
  6. Nevermind Im an idiot. Sorry
  7. I haven't been whitelisted yet, but I'm really hoping this works out. I have seen tons of videos and streamers on this server and Im super excited to even have a chance to make it in. I wanted to hear if anyone has some cool experiences/encounters they could share. Thanks
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