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  1. Spencer had grown up in America for most of his life, the majority of his life was dedicated to slacking, eating, and all around not being a very optimistic person. After the death of his mother, he was left homeless, penniless, and more depressed than ever. He decided to get a job at a small hardware store in town to try and support himself as he soon took an interest in writing short stories and fictional novels. After a few years he got published, soon creating a three part novel series which sold well enough for him to move out of his small town. In the year 2014, he decided to set out to move to Chernarus, partly to get away from the hustle and bustle from the once small now larger home town, and the other to focus on writing a new story set in rural Russia. But being paranoid, he rarely ventured out of his home as he had grown worrisome over some of the locals behavior. Soon he only left the house to get food from the grocery store, notably getting enough to stock pile a small platoon at one point. But as soon as the outbreak hit, it wasn't until sometime later that he ventured from his rural home and outside to get food, that he found that the once small country that he lived in, was taken over by the undead. So now Spencer, now going under the name of Mr. Spetzer, after one of the characters in his novels. He keeps himself hidden, rarely engaging anyone unless he is engaged. All he wanted is a quiet life, and that's what he'll try to do even after society has broken down.
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