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  1. - Company (may not show it) - Banter - Peace & Honesty & Fairness - Country Life - Authority (Police / Military) - Politics - Confined Spaces - Liars / Distrust Born in St. Petersburg 1987, Ludwig grew up around a middle class normal family. His childhood was pretty rough not growing up as a full blooded Russian. He was constantly the creme of the crop, being picked on by other children and always given a hard time by his teachers and faculty. He went to everyday boarding school until he graduated in his mid teens. Ludwig, with his wit and banter, spent moist of his time studying Law as he wanted to become a policeman. However, in his pre-adulthood, Ludwig was framed for a crime he did not commit and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. After being released from prison at the age of 25, with no opportunities left for him in St. Petersburg, Ludwig moved to Chemal Village, a small scenic town in the Altai Mountains where he settled down and learned how to hunt and farm. He grew a hatred for all kinds of politicians and anyone involved with authority. Being humble and polite to everyone who welcomed him to Chemal Village, he met his then Lover, Anastasia. Unexpectedly, Anastasia one day vanished, "moved away, back to hometown" Said her tenant. Knowing her hometown was Chernogorsk, Chernarus. Ludwig was determined to find the one thing he cared about the most after losing everything. On his travels to Chernogorsk, Ludwig had met many fleeing the area of Chernarus. Most warning him of the infectious outbreak occurring in the area. Determined, Ludwig eventually found himself in Chernarus, he had yet to know his adventures leading towards. He set out exploring Chernarus hoping to find what he had lost and regain a part of him he seems to be losing.
  2. Born and raised throughout his teens in Vladivostok, Lyonechka grew up around a mid-class family. The ages of Russia attempting to speed up economic growth lead to the Stagnation Era, a massive financial crisis throughout the nation of Russia. With hard times comes hard decisions, thus, forcing Lyonechkas family into a predicament. His parents were traders, salesman of different goods. And with economic crisis, Lyonechka's family found themselves delving into black market sales. They specifically sold weaponry to many third party gangs, mafia, Bratva. Unexpectedly, his parents birthed Lyonechka. His childhood consisted of constant travel and secrecy. His parents trying their best to raise their son to the best of their abilities. Naturally, Lyonechka was curious enough to figure out what his parents were performing. In his early adulthood, Lyonechka began to take on his family "Business" and learn the ways of aftermarket sales. Shortly after, his parents were murdered during one of their endeavors. Lyonechka kept on the business, with intent on making his parents proud. Little did he know, what would come. At the start of the outbreak, L was on a ship carrying civilians, tourists, and cargo (military/civilian) that beached itself on the eastern end of Chernarus. He was returning to Vladivostok from St. Petersburg when the ship beached itself. In confusion, L had to adapt to his current situation and finds satisfaction in the Apocalypse. No rules, No authority, plain anarchy and survival. Lyonechka likes to keep a cool head in situations as he has a business archetype. Dislikes: Likes: - Authority / Military - Traveling - Politicians - Banter - Snakes / Liars - Let loose, especially in current times.
  3. Very much enjoyed our encounter @OldSchoolOG, even though you scared the living heck out of my character as soon as he woke up! I will however, eventually get you to carry a bigger pack. Loving this community.
  4. My character, 28 year old Kayden Malvac (Kay-Denn Mal-Vic) is an American government reporter/agent who was sent to Chernarus to report the military advances caused by the CDF directly to the American government. Kayden was sent alongside the massive NATO fleet that was underway to the Green Sea as a Government messenger. His job was to assist the NATO in their objective while also reporting back to the American government. As the situation got worse and seemed near uncontrollable, Kayden was set into a state of panic. All Kaydens efforts to return back to the US were denied and thus had no choice but to stay in the mass chaos. Kayden has an idea as to what is going on, but no idea or reasoning behind the outbreak. All he knows is to stay away from the infected. Kayden has mediocre experience in both survival and weaponry. He still has lots to learn as he has never been to the surrounding areas of the Green Sea/Chernarus, however, he has heard of said areas. He has no experience towards traversing Chernarus other than by the main roads. Kayden has a fiance named Chelsea back in Washington D.C. and no children, they have been together since their college days and have always supported each other since.
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