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  1. Arthur Rand worked as an audio engineer at Germano Studios in New York. He found himself stranded in Chernarus after his fateful encounter with a Russian woman named Zoya Vasilek during the Sochi Olympics. He was seated close to her and found himself becoming infatuated with her after striking up a deep conversation. Unfortunately he had to leave Russia within the week. But after saving up money for the next three years, he returned to the shores of the Black Sea, intending to visit Zoya, who he had kept in contact with through social media. When he was traveling from the international airport in Krasnodar to the small rural town of Defanovka to visit Zoya's family, his bus was pulled aside by a Russian military checkpoint. He was taken aside and after some short questioning, he was hit in the head by one of the guards, knocking him unconscious. When he awoke, he was detained on a bus headed south. It was at this time that the air skirmishes between the Russians and the CDF began. In the chaos that ensued, he was transferred to a bus headed to Novodmitrovsk. At that point, the mass exodus had begun, and Arthur found himself trapped on the Chernarussian side of the border. He has spent the following weeks trying to escape Chernarus and find Zoya, but it was all he could do to survive. With the epidemic only becoming worse, he has started to lose hope that he'll see any of his friends ever again.
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