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  1. Just something whipped up. Works for now.
  2. Dean Harper was a citizen of the United Freedom Fighters. This government was formed after the United States was overrun with the virus. Dean was well educated in medicine. The UFF trained him as a solider to find the cure. He was basically a guard dog for the scientist safety. He did assist the scientist in finding the cure. His job sucked, but he got to see what went on first hand and he was alive. Dean had no idea what happened or where his loved ones were. He hoped that from traveling with the scientist that he would find them. Dean was told his next mission would be to assist the UFF scientist that had information of a possible ground zero on a classified island. Dean left for this assignment ASAP. Three days at sea without any sign of land of anything. They could not use the choppers to scout due to the storm. Dean tried to sleep it off, but the storm got worse. The ship hit something and began to take on water. They saw land up ahead, but it was a just a small island. A huge wave hit the ship and put her on her port side. Dean and one of the other soldiers made if off the ship. Dean woke up with little to no memory of what really happened. He saw the other solider making a camp fire to keep warm, They noticed the ship wasn't too far out and decided to swim and get what supplies they could. In the process of getting supplies, the other solider was struck by a leaning beam. It cut him pretty bad. Dean got an emergency raft and some supplies with a few of the scientists bags. He tried what he could with the solider, but the salt water caused an infection to spread rapidly. He fevered over night and died in the morning, so Dean thought. This was not his first time dealing with the undead. It was almost noon and he drifted to the larger island in the distance to find civilization. Dean was ill equip for what awaited him on this mission UFF sent him on. He will have to learn to adapt, deal with the undead, and even conceal his identity from those he cannot trust.
  3. Ok thanks I will post it there then.
  4. Thank's everyone. So should I post my story here?
  5. I can't wait until I can play. Been following and waiting to play for some time.