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  1. A steel working family man who enjoyed life in the wooded mountains in the Adirondacks of NY. Typical America lovin’ gun shootin’ fuck with my family and find out how crazy I am, son of a bitch. Before the outbreak Michael and a few friends from the plant had made plans for their families to take a vacation to go backpacking around Europe. It started out as any normal vacation. Packing, losing and finding tickets. You know, the dumb goofy shit that normally happens in the excitement of such a trip. First stop, Burgas in Bulgaria. Few days of fun and backpacking, meeting locals and hearing old stories at markets. Next stop!! Samsun. Same routine different towns and villages and stories. By the third week of the trip they had made it to Chernarus. Unfortunate for them due to the events that would follow in the next few days… They arrived on July 5th tired and hungry so not much got done. They found a nice flat area in the woods and set up for some food and rest. On the 6th they packed up and set out. Taking in the nature and beauty of the scenery around, they finished off their day and settled down. Nearly out of supplies, Michael and one of his friends head off towards a town for supplies. Spending the next week in the mountains and woods seemed to be a great way to relax. Until late one night there was some rustling coming from up the hill just north of them. They had planned on wildlife or authority but NOT what it was in actuality. Seeing what appeared to be a humanoid figure in the distance the group decided to greet the approaching man. Only it wasn't a man. Startled by the look of the individual Michael had rushed back to his tent to arm himself with the knife he keeps by the entrance. Grasping the knife he turned to see this….. Thing…. Take a bite out of his friend Mark. Panic and fear quickly broke out in the encampment. Michael fought off the attacker as best as he could but in the end, the noise and fearful screams brought in more of these… Creatures… Quickly the camp had been overrun and the family and friends spread thin. That was just over two years ago and to this day Michael is left searching for answers and his family and will stop at nothing to at least find their remains. Living off the lands trying to avoid the infected at all costs. Even if it means sabotaging others to draw the attention away from him.
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