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  1. Before all of this I was a trade student going to nursing school in Russia. I only learned the basics, but after the outbreak it was enough to land me a spot as a medic in a rag tag wanna be military bunch of boys where I met my husband. They taught me how to survive this new world we live in, and I quickly learned that the only people you can trust is your family. They showed me the good and evil side of humanity, how to have a good time despite these horrible circumstances, but most importantly they taught me about death. Those giggling cannibals aren't just awful people, they showed signs similar to those shambling zeds, so me being curious, I took it upon myself to self experiment. Everyone told me it was a bad idea, but I needed to get a better understanding of the virus. Unfortunately I don't remember anything after finishing my last bite of my human meal. I woke up in a bed stuck with countless IVs next to my husband in a town I didn't recognize. He told me that I was shot by one of our own because he was afraid I would hurt someone. I can't even begin to imagine what I must've done to get shot, but life changed after that night. Every day that passed a hunger grew that no amount of food could satisfy. I searched far and wide to see if there was some medication or remedy, but I couldn't find anything. Fortunately, when the hunger was getting to the point where I was contemplating ending it all, the man who shot me came out of hiding and gave me a formula for what he uses to satiate his own hunger. It doesn't stop the hunger, but it sure helps get it off the mind. After all of this, I figured being with those people probably isn't the best path for me anymore, so I went west to meet the wolves. They took me in as their pup and taught me how to hunt, but they couldn't teach me the old way of the wolf. I took it upon myself to find as many artifacts and people who could teach me. Which is why I came to South Zagoria with my fellow brothers and sisters: we are searching for the old way.
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