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  1. My name is John Hill (Jax). I have a 4-year old son named Travis, but his mother died giving birth. After my one tour overseas I decided to do a little more traveling to the east. A lot farther then just the deserts I had been used to. At the age of 27, that was the least my body could handle. I made my way into Chernogorsk about three days before the apocalypse. Its was all fine and fun. I was taking in the sights like any tourist would, but then tragedy struck. First it was the screams a few streets over. Then, it was the filling of the vehicles in the streets. The military came next to quarantine the most they could, but to no avail the virus grew to large and broke away from the boundaries of the city. Before I new it the cities were barren and the dead walked the streets. I decided to go back to my to my roots. Just another hunter from Texas. Hopefully with any luck, I'll be able to save some people while I'm stuck in this part of the world. I'll do whatever it takes to make it home to see my son again.
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