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  1. Born in the year 2000 to a low income household, Wictor found himself in an rough start to life. His mother leaving at a young age certainly didn't help which left him alone for most of his life with a abusive alcholic father. It certainly set the path for a rough childhood. His father was a car mechanic, barely bringing in enough money to keep stay afloat. Coupled with his alcholism it certainly didn't improve the situtation. So from a early age as means to help himself survive and actually be able to eat well. Wictor began stealing, picking apples from peoples gardens, pickpocketing the eldery, stealing purses and bags and so on. This certainly improved his life's situation but it lead to trouble as well. Entering his teenage years, him and his friend group started hanging out with the older kids, thinking they were cool for smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and allegeldy being involved in gang activites for all they knew. Soon enought Wictor himself personally was offered to do small-time tasks by the older kids. It set him down on a bad path of his life involving a spiral leading down into more and more type of crimes being commitied. It all started out so conviently with just some extorition, thievery and the like and evenetually leading down to straight up drug dealing. The lifestyle certainly set it's scars and roots in him, leading to abuses of various substances and generally an unstable mind. At the age of 18, as a way to try escape his lifestyle and generally bad life choices. Wictor managed to enlist in the army due to conscription being re-instated and him not purseuing higher studies made him a execellent candidate coupled with his already athletic physique. He spent about a year in the military completing the basic service and getting further educated as a infantryman, providing him with valueable life experience and overall improving his mental and physical condition. After leaving the military, he was content on creating a better life for himself. But he found it a challenge due to his previous connections with the gang he was in and rival gangs, all the pressure on him eventually lead him back to the life he had tried escaping. Being practically forced back into the gang under the threats of rival gangs and his own wanting him back due to his new found experience from the military. Eventually late in 2019, he travelled to Chernarus with a few members of his gang looking to meet an amphetamine producer to increase their gangs influence by bringing in more product. With the spread of the outbreak, Wictor found himself stuck in Chernarus and saw it as a opportunity to escape his old life and start something new even though it seemed that Chernarus was on a path to hell.
  2. Im just trying to beat Kanen's score
  3. Spawning is not a problem, you can change so that It would only spawn in civilian loot areas and remove it from the military pool.
  4. I could rough them up a bit, add some scratches and dirt. Nice point with the colour but bright colours do exist in real life so why not in-game as well ? The spawn can be tweaked so they don't spawn in military so that's not a problem. To add onto that, the name and description on them are changed. The only similiarty my reskin has with the actual military gorka one is the model.
  5. I want to for the people to know I am district so they get flexed on in the fourms as well.
  6. Making a full twitch set now Sir.
  7. My PP knows where they are no, u FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCk
  8. @[email protected] @Kordruga @Hofer @FalkRP @Chernon-chan @RebelRP @Brayces @Aiko @John Steel @Cuchulainn @Flurgh @Jerry @Marshyy @brk @Biiddy @Zman44 @Osku @Tayto @Banshee @Kenneth @JippaSWE @Ryan [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@OxeN
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