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  1. wirpy

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Im just trying to beat Kanen's score
  2. wirpy

    Coloured military gear?

    Spawning is not a problem, you can change so that It would only spawn in civilian loot areas and remove it from the military pool.
  3. wirpy

    Coloured military gear?

    I could rough them up a bit, add some scratches and dirt. Nice point with the colour but bright colours do exist in real life so why not in-game as well ? The spawn can be tweaked so they don't spawn in military so that's not a problem. To add onto that, the name and description on them are changed. The only similiarty my reskin has with the actual military gorka one is the model.
  4. I want to for the people to know I am district so they get flexed on in the fourms as well.
  5. wirpy

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

  6. In the year 2000 in the town of Grishino a boy named Mikhail Petrov was born to a large but poor family. He was the only child of his parents who lived in a small cabin, they were often gone during his childhood due to work taking up their time as means of sustaining the family. During his childhood, his cousin Jalik Petrov who lived in Russia by this time often came back to Chernarus to visit his family & relatives, especially visiting Mikhail from when he was the age of 3 and upwards till the start of the civil war where the visits became very infrequent due to Jalik’s participation in the civil war. With Jalik’s frequents visit to Mikhail a seed of dissent was sown into his brain, as he grew older and older what Jalik preached for him started to a firm grip around him. By the time of the civil war, Mikhail at the young age of nine was already pretty politicized and had a rather firm stance on where he stood. Due to his family's affliction with Jalik they were not harmed by other Chedaki groups and his parents actively supported the Chedaki as a mean to increase their place in life. They were fed up with being poor. After the end of the civil war, most of the family was either dead or had gone missing one way or another. It was devastating especially for Mikhail who both lost his father and his favorite cousin who he had no clue where he had gone. Life continued roughly as normal for Mikhail and his mother, but always in the back of his head was Jalik and his voice telling him stories he had told him a thousand times over about all sorts of things. Mikhail never took a liking to the new government in Chernarus and always blamed them for the death of his father and disappearance of Jalik and others amongst his family. Jalik became an even greater role model for him after the war ended and he saw Jalik as a great freedom fighter who fought against injustice in Chernarus. It was around the age of 12 that Mikhail's dreams of being a freedom fighter like his cousin grew, and grew and continued to do so. He started to frequently study socialism, communism and history amongst them learning a lot and in the process becoming a staunch communist who wished for Chernarus to rejoin Russia. At the onset of the infection, Mikhail's life was thrown into chaos as his father was killed by the infected which forced Mikhail to wander from his home. During these circumstances, he looked back at his life and remembered Jalik and gained hope. The hope that Jalik was still alive, so at the 17 years old he set out during the infection to find his cousin. It took him roughly one year but eventually he found himself in the black mountains after having spent all this time gathering bits and pieces of information regarding the chedaki and what happened to them after the civil war. It had all led him to the black mountain where he was greeted by the 67th ‘’Lopotev’’ Sotnya. He promptly joined up with his cousin who he had missed all this time and enjoyed the new found comradery with the few like-minded people who were still left of the 67th.
  7. wirpy


    Making a full twitch set now Sir.
  8. My PP knows where they are no, u FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCk
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