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  1. He was born in Poland in 1996 and fleed to South Zagoria with his Parents in 1998 because of poor living conditions. Grew up in the Outskirts of Nagornoe in a small shed near the woods. Most of his childhood was pretty normal, you make some friends, some enemies. get into fights only to be scolded etc. but then, when the war came both of his parents were murdered the night they tried to flee the country leaving him alone. The next couple of years were hard, Working night and day to survive in a broken down economy he then found a wife, built a home and got himself 2 dogs. But a few months after construction finished and they mved in, the outbreak started and the first thing it took was his wifes life, as she was shot by raiders. After that his dogs ran away never to be seen again. Now everything is lost again, but at least theres nothing more to lose.
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