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  1. I was sitting inside the Krasnostav PD taking a quick snack break when I heard a shot, I called it out (with my mouth half full). I heard @Spicey telling us he was shot, he didn't specify if he was down or not, so when I heard the door being unlocked I panicked a little bit. Spicey confirmed it was only him, entered the building, then I opened the door I was in and rushed him in to access his wounds. His shirt was destroyed, but he was fine. We both sat there crouched down, confused and scared for a good 15 minutes or more, our comms were really noisy, so when we suddenly heard an angry russian just outside the PD, we had no clue what he was saying. Spicey told me he thought it was about Wolf, a person someone named Vali wanted out of our group, so we started discussing the situation, thinking the person who shot Spicey was probably Vali or one of his boys, and that they mistook Spicey for Wolf and took a shot, or that they thought they saw Wolf in the base (which he was not). Maybe about a minute or two after the angry yelling outside the PD (I'm not positive on the time), shots started ringing off, it sounded like they were hitting the outside of the wall from where we were crouching. We went prone and stayed quiet, pretty shooken up. A short time after that we decided to try to reason with whoever was out there. We said things along the lines of, "Hello! Wolf is not here! You are shooting at innocent people!". No answer. We stayed there until @nomadxvx arrived at the PD, he came in and took up a spot in the middle of the building, keeping quiet and watching. I eventually decided I'd sacrifice myself to try and reason with whoever was shooting, so I ran outside all around and outside our base with one hand up yelling, "Hello? We are innocent people in here! Wolf is not here! Hello?" Again no answers. I came back into the PD and grabbed some NVGs as it was becoming dark. I moved to the green house right across from our base to get a different view. A man with a flare showed up and ran all around the outside of our base, then left. We assumed he was either bait, or a new spawn. That was about it.
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