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  1. My POV. I am drinking at the water fountain behind the police station when i hear shots so I move toward the wall near to the police station and then as can be seen in the video link above from the POV of Cpilbeam I am killed whilst my weapon is lowered and without any warning or threat as a innocent bystander.
  2. I was also involved in this incident and was shot on sight. I heard one of my group (hilgomir) had been shot and as I rounded the corner of the wall behind the police station I was shot instantly on sight.
  3. Thomas Jensen Personality: Caring, kind and helpful with a hidden selfishness. Description: Thomas is around 6ft tall. He has shoulder-length dark-brown hair that sometimes falls in front of his gunmetal-blue eyes. He's a slender build. He wears a white button-up shirt that's usually half-tucked into his jeans as well as a red tie and grey hoodie, usually worn unzipped. History: Thomas was born to Alexander and Regina Jensen. His dream growing up was to be a writer, but after many failed attempts, he settled for a cubicle at the insurance company his father had set up in chernogorsk. He and his father would go hiking and hunting often in the picturesque landscapes of chernarus. Being on the verge of losing his job for his poor performance, Thomas came into the office one day to find it deserted. Below him, he heard the sounds of chaos raging in the streets. He set off to find out what had happened and was not pleased with what he found. With most of his friends and family probably dead he is in the search for friendly survivors. Occupation/Talent: Insurance representative (and a poor one at that), telling stories, very creative liar as he can craft a believable story.
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