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  1. -User has been warned for this post.-
  2. -User has been warned for this post.-
  3. So you just have to let yourself die. thats just wonderfull lmao. 3 days ban for your first offence thats not even a bad one is just stupid. I really couldnt care less that he got banned for anything he did, The fact you get banned 3 days for your first offence and try to fight the ban because it was out of your control. and then just get a response 30 mins is 30mins nothing we can do about it is just insane. there is no feeling for players in this at all. he couldve gotten a warning with an explanation and he wouldve understood but now he has to fight the ban and then get an awsner you have to ooc ask to leave what a nice prank.
  4. -User has been warned for this post.-
  5. You're now just making it stupid lmao. WHY would you ban someone for making a honest mistake while you could've warned him by saying. next time ask perm in ooc. lmao think about it 3 days ban for your first offence? that is just fucking stupid. Nice response
  6. -User has been warned for this post.-
  7. Sure if you find someone its instanly your fault of enganging in a situation what do you even mean brother. You're talking about a potential friend right how would that potential friend have known that the potential friend has been shot? give it a think braincheck lmao. your friend gets shot twice in the head but still is able to use radio? also if that potential friend wouldve called that potential friend on the radio before he shouldve known. there was nothing. 30 minutes is just a stupid rule. it has no brains behind it and never been thought about.
  8. He knows due his mom shutting his internet off everyday at the same time lmao. Tho what are the chances of finding someone is such a big world what if they had a car and drove off?. 5-15 minutes is understandable but what do you mean 30minutes.
  9. He was born on the july 21st, 1980 with the name Jack. jack is 182cm long has blond hair and he has light blue eyes Jack finished his school degree as a teacher when he was around the age of 20. So he is been a teacher for around 16 years. Jack used to live in the netherlands around the city Amsterdam, he was a beloved teacher as all his students really liked him. The school went on a trip to Chernarus he went there with his class and 3 other classes and there teachers. While beeing there he felt like he was home, so after completing the school trip and beeing back home, he finished the school year and had to say goodbye to everyone since he was going to move to Chernarus. Once he arrived in Chernarus, he wanted to teach school kids but since he didnt know the language yet he worked at a caffee at first. Chernorussian sunsets were beautiful. Though misleading. Just below that lofty purplish haze. Beneath the fluffy white clouds crowning the mountainous landscape. Smog and doom droned about below. The ever present silence. A devoid of life sort of quiet. Or....the shrieking banter given off of every single Rabid bastardized vessel of this Plague at hand.
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