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  1. *You hear a deep rugged voice come over the radio* uhmm... how do I turn this thing off... too loud... *Hears mention of himself on the radio and then speaks loudly into the radio* hey i'm Juice! i'm looking for some weight plates and some protein powder... if anybody finds any come give me them please. thank you! *You then hear a loud crunch and your radio returns to silence*
  2. +1 finally juice can have a good sparring partner
  3. @Militus ive always enjoyed people like you that go along with rp well when you are in a disadvantageous situation. no fun when someone whos about to get their head crushed doesnt act afraid. but on the topic i am kind of biased since im corp so obviously i am okay with people just shooting people they have rights on
  4. A criminal convicted with [REDACTED] that was at some point before the outbreak hired by the Corporation. Now that the outbreak has occurred he has been asigned the job of enforcer in the country of Chernarus. The man is useful for his extreme brutality and lack of morals. He is exceptional at gaining information through torture and can get out of any situation due to his craftiness, however has trouble controlling himself due to his drug problem and lack of sane thoughts.
  5. *a deep distorted voice comes through the radio* Yeah, I heard those corporation assholes run around with this big motherfucker who tortures people and can lift five and a half logs above his head... I would hate to run into that guy. *a brief chuckle is heard before the radio returns to static*
  6. >You having DG on your profile

    That's a follow, my guy. 

    1. Juice Hand

      Juice Hand

      listen up you nosy bitch, listen close

    2. Vandire


      My most recent purchase, old black rope, gonna learn how to tie it, hang it in my chamber!

  7. @ImNovaaa perhaps when the snow clears we will, although that may just be me
  8. My POV: So I was in the truck with like 6 other corp members and we are heading to go raid a base. While going there we hit a lag spike and slammed at a very slow rate into a small pole, and we all died. I spawned as a wrong player model so I decided to exit and choose correct model and when I loaded in I got my nice bald character model. When I got the model, I spawned in Vyshnaya Dubrovka, which is very close to where I died. I started running towards the area and I was behind one or two of us that were closer, and when I got there our stuff was still there in perfect condition, and one of the others was holding up someone there. I proceeded to take my shit back and then role play with the person for a bit. When we left her after getting our stuff back I made sure she had ample supplies like food and such, and I let her have all that we didn't loot already. We then walked off to go raid a base in Novo. If the OP would be willing to talk OOCly that would be awesome.
  9. I'll put my pov in when I get home in like 4.5 hours.
  10. We sent out a radio broadcast that we were doing this a bit ago.
  11. Also @GaryCash, it seems like alot of the hyperlinks for the "active operators" section are broken. They just go to nalims character
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