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  1. A hand-holdless incel who has no social skills whatsoever, however, he goes to the gym daily and pumps iron like non other. Before the internet he browsed 4chan incessantly, gaining extreme knowledge to survival skills and other mostly pointless knowledge. He is native to Chernarus although knows very little about events because of his basement dwelling tendencies. Overall Miles is a overly muscular and intimidating man who has no experience talking to anyone, besides other people on 4chan. Miles see's this apocalypse as a chance to gain power, he thinks people will follow him because of his huge 6'8 stature and large muscles. His goal is to create a dictatorship where he is the dictator and rule over Chernarus, through any means necessary. Miles will try to find a gym or at least some weights so he can continue to maintain his excellent physique. He radiates an awkward aura around him, making social life very hard for him. Miles' Nordic ancestry is to thank for his height, and he is very proud of it, as well as his body. Miles has never had (and likely never will have) a girlfriend, hence the title, "Mclintok The Hand-holdless". Jaded beyond salvation. Doomed to walk the earth lifting heavy objects and acquiring mass. The hope of getting a teenage GF has dwindled. Is beyond saving. (21 years old) "Yeah mayo is high in cals but the half mayo diet is MEANT to work. You drink half the weight of your intake of mayo. So for 100 grams of meat, you drink 50 grams of mayo, etc. It tricks the body into ignoring all but mayo, which leaves you with only having 50 grams of intake over 100. It basically works a lot like kto. it't meant to work and i don't understand why it isn't."
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